Why is my Cat Knocking Everything Over?

April 4th, 2019

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My cat jumps up on to the side and wanders over to my new plant. I know exactly what he’s thinking of doing next. He looks over to me to see if I’m watching. I give him a stern look. He holds his stare whilst his paw slowly reaches out. As if everything has slowed down, I watch as he knocks over the plant and suddenly soil is everywhere. In true style, he then calmly walks off.

It’s a story every cat owner is familiar with. And you often wonder whether they are doing it just to annoy you. But is it more than that? Petplan have the answers!


As we know, cats are natural born hunters. In the wild, they will paw at things to assess their prey. If they paw at something and it starts to move, the cat knows that the chase is then on. Domestic cats haven’t lost this natural instinct. So when your cat paws things around the house, often they are trying to work out whether it is something they can hunt.


If your cat has knocked something over in the past and you have reacted to it, it may be that your cat has learned that this is a good way of getting your attention. Your cat may not be getting enough physical or mental stimulation, which is making them bored. Or, they may be trying to tell you something such as needing food or water. Whether it’s out of necessity or boredom, your cat may just want you to take notice.

If you think that your cat is doing this for attention, it is best to not react at all. Train your cat to understand that knocking things over will not gain your attention, to avoid it happening in the future.


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