2019 Royal Melbourne All Breeds Championship Show

October 3rd, 2019

Best in Show 2019 Winner

The Royal Melbourne Championship Dog Show is the largest of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere. The RMS All Breeds Championship Show was first held by the Department of Agriculture in 1874, and saw 213 dogs enter.

This year there was almost 4,000 entries across 200 breeds, competing over nine days during the Royal Melbourne Show.

Petplan proudly supported the winners of the Best in Show, offering a prize to all winners. CEO Andy Pearce attended the General Specials Day to award the winners with a giant cheque, custom made rosette, and a pet insurance voucher.

The four categories and prizes included:

  • Best in Show 2019 winner – $2000 + $500 pet insurance voucher
  • Best Puppy in Show – $1000 + $500 pet insurance voucher
  • Best Baby Puppy in Show – $500 + $500 pet insurance voucher
  • Best Breeder Group in Show – $500 + $500 pet insurance voucher

The prestigious All Breeds Championship Show attracts a panel of esteemed international judges. The Best in Show Championship is streamed live worldwide, and the show provides exhibitors and breeders the opportunity to promote their breed, and socialise with other exhibitors.

Petplan are proud sponsors of the General Specials Day and continue to support the RASV. Congratulations to all the Winners!


2019 Royal Melbourne Show

Best Puppy in Show; Best Baby Puppy in Show; Best Breeders Group in Show


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