Bringing Your Dog to Work?

May 14th, 2018

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Before you bring in your dog to the workplace, it is important to establish some ground rules and general expectations surrounding the topic.

Here are some things to consider:

Liability – What happens if your dog gets injured on workplace premises, or if someone gets injured due to your dog? To combat this issue, many workplaces have make dog owners sign a waiver form releasing the employer from any liability involving your dog.

Policy – How often are you allowed to bring in your dog? Will it be via rotation with other employees? Will there be one pet-friendly day of the week/month? Will there be a limit of how many dogs per day?

Colleagues – Do your peers even want dogs in the office? Is anyone allergic? Do other people in the office have dogs? How long in advance do you need to provide notice that you’re bringing your dog in? Generally, workplaces are considerate to both parties and try to find a happy medium.

Screening – Will dogs need to gain approval beforehand? Maybe a half day introduction? Where are the out-of-bounds areas? What is acceptable and unacceptable behaviour? Will dogs be banned for unacceptable behaviour?

Now that you have set the ground rules what about the expectations?

Containment – will you need baby gates or some kind of puppy pen to contain your dog to your working area? Or will having your dog tethered be enough?

Removal of Hazards – cords, leads, pens, markers, anything your dog may chew on should be removed from the area. Plus, ensure that desk bins have been emptied or that there is no food in them.

Distractions – Ensure that your dog has enough toys to distract themself so that they do not distract others.

Cleaning – Take cleaning products with you for any mess that your dog makes.

Responsibility – remember that even though everyone wants to play with your pet, maybe even take them for a walk, they are always your responsibility even if they wander off exploring or under the care of others.

This is all part of the planning process and doing this increases your chances of gaining approval to bring pets plus having a successful day at work with your pet.

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