Convincing the boss to let dogs in the office

June 18th, 2018


What’s your company’s pet policy? Does the boss allow furry friends in the office? If not, why is this the case?

With ‘’Dog on the Job day’’ coming up, now is the perfect opportunity to raise this issue with management. Many workplaces talk of the positives of having dogs in the office, and you should bring some of those vibes to your own work.

In any case with proposing something new, you must convince the influencers to share your point of view. A bit of persuasion doesn’t go astray here either.

The boss must be convinced by your proposal, explaining the benefits to the workplace by having pets in the office.

Here are some common benefits to help you gain approval:

Studies have found that having dogs in the office can lower stress levels in workers.

Playing with a dog for 10 minutes can be a relieving mental break during the day, meaning employees come back to the desk feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the rest of the day.

Dogs bring people together. Having a dog in the office means greater interaction between employees, encouraging conversation and engagement. This brings out the best in people leading to a more open, friendly and collaborative culture.

Policy on dogs can be flexible, everyone can have a say to create a happy medium between all employees.

Promoting the fact that your workplace allows pets in the office is advantageous for the business image. Perception towards the company is likely to be more positive and in terms of recruitment, access to more candidates due to the likeable image.


Remember to get as much information as you can before bringing up the subject, find out if anyone is allergic or is afraid of dogs. Talk to others to gain their opinion plus think about how a normal day of work would be impacted with a dog in the office.

Preparation is key and having an answer ready for any possible question will help you. Start slow, change doesn’t happen overnight so it may be a slow process.

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