Cut out these Bad Puppy Habits

April 22nd, 2019


Many behavioural problems that we find in dogs can be easily avoided if given the proper training whilst they are a puppy. But if ignored or not given the training required, these behavioural traits can cause a vast amount of issues as they grow, and be hard to eliminate one they are older.


As puppies grow it is natural for them to nip and bite things around them as a way of understanding their surroundings. Whilst this seems harmless, this often results in dogs making a habit of biting which is highly dangerous as they grow. To avoid this, it is important to train your puppy to understand that it is not okay to bite as a defense, way of protection or assertion, or to communicate something.


It’s fair to admit that having your puppy jump up to greet you is extremely adorable and loving. But dogs will develop a habit of jumping at you and other people which can be irritating and also dangerous as they grow. Attempting to knock this habit when dogs are fully grown is difficult. Teach your puppy that jumping is not okay when they are still learning to prevent this from becoming an issue.


Begging is a bad habit which is hard to kick once begun. Not only can it be irritating to you and your guests, it can also be unhealthy for your dog as they are generally begging for human food. Human food may be toxic and also gives them an unbalanced diet which can lead to obesity. As hard as it may be to ignore those puppy dog eyes, resist giving your puppy scraps so that it does not create a bad habit.


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