Reduce your Pawprint

April 29th, 2019


As animal lovers, it is important for us to look after our planet. This involves caring for our pets in a sustainable manner. So we’ve put together a list of things you can do to be a responsible pet owner.

  1. Adopt

It is tempting to want to buy a new puppy or kitten of a specific breed. However, there are already countless pets (including puppies) waiting to be rehomed. Adopting a pet is a much more fulfilling thing to do as you are saving a life and providing love to an animal in need.

  1. Buy Smart

Pet food is estimated to be responsible for a quarter of the environmental impacts of meat production. This is due to the use of land, water, fossil fuels, phosphates and pesticides involved in creating it. To help reduce this, try to buy your food from sustainable sources. Look for packaging which states organic to give you an indication.

Buying in bulk will also help to reduce the impact on the planet as larger bags take up less packaging. It will also save you money!

Cat litter can also produce mass amounts of waste. Try to buy biodegradable cat litter which use renewable materials such as wood, ground nuts, compost or corn.

  1. Protect Native Animals

Pets can have a damaging effect on natural habitats and native wild animals. Although it may be a natural instinct to hunt, Dogs and Cats that hunt wild animals and birds pose a serious risk to our ecosystem. It is important to prevent your pet from hunting outside to help protect the environment.


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