Travelling With Pets

September 23rd, 2019

Travel with Pets

Taking a pet on holiday with you may sound like a good idea, but their welfare must be your primary concern. It is important to think about where you are going, and what the conditions will be like – both during the journey and when you get there. Most hotels do not accommodate pets, so do some thorough research into appropriate places to stay that are pet-friendly. Long journeys can be stressful for animals, so make sure you are well prepared for the trip and seek advice from your vet if you feel your pet may need travel sickness medication. Before you travel, research the climate of your destination (temperature and humidity). It could potentially be very different to what your pet is used to and unsuitable for the breed. Don’t forget that sudden changes in environment can cause your pet to become distressed or ill. Caring for your pet when you get to your destination may not be easy, so be prepared for it!

Please remember 

  • If you feel that your pet may not be suitable for the trip, they may be much happier left in a good boarding kennel or in the care of responsible family and friends.
  • Pets are not always welcome and you may find that your activities are restricted, limiting your ability to enjoy yourself.
  • There may not be anywhere for your pet to stay when you get to your destination.
  • Older pets with impaired vision and hearing may find the unexpected change in their routine stressful.
  • Long journeys and hot weather can be uncomfortable, distressing and sometimes dangerous for your pet.

Travel Checklist

Stuff to bring

  • Supply of usual food & food bowl
  • Water bowl & plastic bottle of water for the journey
  • Bed & blankets
  • Favourite toys & treats
  • Lead & waste bags
  • Grooming tools, shampoo & towels (just in case your pet rolls in something smelly or gets dirty)

Health Care

  • Are vaccinations up to date?
  • Pet first aid kit
  • Parasite control
  • Travel sickness pills (if required)
  • Adequate supply of any medication your pet may be receiving
  • Vet phone number for emergencies

Bringing the pet along? Find out where you can stay below
Have a holiday in mind, but nobody to look after your furry loved one? We’ve all been there. Maybe you’re travelling interstate for work, and need some company for the trip?
Finding pet-friendly accommodation can be tricky at times, but with the resources and links below, you’ll never have to worry about your furry companion’s lodgings ever again.

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