DIY Doggy Toys

December 10th, 2013

DIY Toys Dogs

This Christmas give your furry family member a gift straight from the heart! You don???t have to spend a lot of money on toys to impress man’s best friend. Create your own dog toy using our DIY project guide or connect with our??DIY Pet Toy Pinterest Page??for more inspiration!

DIY Twisty Tee Toy

  • old t-shirt
  • scissors

Cut the body of the t-shirt into long strips. Section the strips into two groups and twist them together. Take the two twisted sections and twist them together and tie a knot at each end. The Twisty Tee Toy is so simple and a great way to get rid of any old t-shirts.

DIY Rag Runner

  • old dishtowel rag, or similar
  • tennis ball
  • scissors

Cut the dishtowel into three strips – two wide pieces for the cover and one very thin strip to tie them together. Take the two wide pieces and arrange them to form a cross. Place the tennis ball in the centre of the cross. Bring the ends of the fabric together so that the tennis ball is enclosed in the fabric and tie the fabric at the base of the tennis ball (use the leftover thin strip of fabric). Once secure, cut the pieces of fabric into long strips and braid them together in groups of three leaving a bit of fabric at the end of the braid to tie a secure knot.

Not all toys are suitable for all dogs. Test these toys before giving them to your dog and always supervise your dog while he is playing. If you have any questions or concerns ask your veterinarian before giving your dog any new products or food.

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