Strange but wonderful…

August 29th, 2013

In the Pet Insurance industry we are lucky enough to hear about many pet stories. Sometimes it???s a friendly update on one of our member???s recovery after a claim and sometimes it???s something strange but wonderful. A few weeks back we were warmed to hear about a Border Collie with healing powers.

Billy, is a happy farm dog with a lot to do every day.?? Most days he supervises the egg pick up and Saturday the 27th??of July was no different. Unfortunately, when Billy and his master arrived at the chicken coup, one of the chickens was a little worse for wear. It appeared as though the chicken had passed away and was cold to touch. Billy???s master put the chick with Billy.

Dog sleeping with Hen

In this touching photo you can see that Billy???s instincts kicked in and he ???cuddled??? the chicken. Many might think Billy was saying goodbye to his feathered friend – although, perhaps Billy knew something that his master did not.

After about half an hour, Billy???s master noticed that the chicken was no longer motionless, instead he was starting to move and needless to say the chicken was surprised to see Billy!Dog looking at Hen

Kangaroo care is the practice of holding a newborn (normally a premature newborn) skin-to-skin with an adult to promote health and bond between parents and the child. A few years back, the practice also seemingly bought a child back from the dead, ??click here to read about that.

Dog playing with Hen

In this case, we are pleased to report that both Billy and his mate, the chicken, are doing well and ??looking forward to many more fun days out together!

Hen sitting on Dog

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