Cheap, Low Cost Pet Insurance in Australia

Cheap Pet Insurance

When your pet falls ill or is injured, and in need of veterinary attention, you undoubtedly want them to receive the care and attention they need as soon as possible. However, it is not uncommon for veterinary bills to amount to thousands of dollars, and this can cause major financial strain and heartache. You don’t want to have to wait around until you can get together the cash to fund a trip to or call out from the vet, but this is the uncertainty that many pet owners face.

Pet insurance provides pet owners with the peace of mind that in the event their beloved animal experiences health issues or incurs an injury, they can avail of the appropriate veterinary care without having to worry about how they will afford such a hefty sum. Pet insurance cover is a lot less expensive than you might assume and is your long-term low-cost solution to protect your animal’s health.

Affordable Policies, Maximum Cover

With Petplan, the cost of pet insurance for your animals is highly affordable. Our mission is to keep pets healthy and owners happy by delivering insurance cover that fits any budget. Not only do we deliver policies at a great price, but in doing so, we ensure that you don’t have to settle for a compromise on cover. You are guaranteed the cheapest pet insurance with the most comprehensive cover on the market.
We keep things simple with our policies. We’re upfront and transparent about the precise value and cover your policy has to offer. Our “Covered for Life®” policies are the only products on the market that offer genuine lifetime cover for your pet. With us, lifetime cover means lifetime cover. There are no hidden exclusions. You don’t get a cheap quote from us with lots of exclusions in the fine print. Once there’s no break in cover, your pet is insured for life, whatever their age, whatever their condition.
It doesn’t have to be “all or nothing” with Petplan. Our “12 month Essential Cover” policies provide low cost, affordable cover for a specific condition. We realise you may not need third-party liability or prescription foods cover and just want peace of mind that your pet can receive top class veterinary care for a specific condition whenever they require it. That’s precisely what our “12 Month Essential Cover” policy delivers.

The Pet Insurance Providers You Can Trust

Low pet insurance cost paired with both comprehensive and select condition cover options – what more could you ask for? Well, the benefits of taking out a policy with Petplan don’t stop there. When you take out an insurance policy with us, you always experience the following benefits:
  • Visit a vet of your choice – we’ll cover the costs of visits to and treatment by vets Australia wide
  • Multi-pet discount – enjoy even cheaper pet insurance when you insure 3 or more pets with us
  • Award-winners for delivering “Outstanding Value for Accident and Illness Pet Insurance”
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Petplan offers more than cheap pet insurance

We offer the support needed to help your pet overcome any accident injury or illness. We want to take away the difficulty and stress during this tough time by being there for you with a quick claims turnaround. Your vet may even be able to submit claims on your behalf to further take the stress away.

We are pet owners ourselves and understand the stress and worry you have when our own pets are unwell. We empathise with your situation and help you work towards a solution.

Our policies are also the best value for money plans on the market. We offer the most comprehensive cover so that you are covered for whatever accident, injury or illness your pet sustains. We’ve designed them to provide you ultimate peace of mind. *#

Why pet insurance cost is worth every cent

Can you afford to be uninsured? Veterinary bills can run into the tens of thousands of dollars and could be unexpected. Petplan's cheap pet insurance is here to help you cover the cost of these unexpected vet bills. #

Your pet can end up in accidents with significant injuries, some of the claims we see are for being hit by a car, dog bite wounds and fractured legs to name a few. Other times, your pet is the one causing the trouble to someone else or their property.

We struggle to communicate with our pets and may not realise something is wrong until it becomes serious. Pet insurance helps you consider every available option to you and you will be able to make a decision with confidence because Petplan supports you.

Having cheap pet insurance allows you to visit the vet without hesitation, if your pet becomes sick, would you delay and hope it passes? What if it becomes more severe? Don’t jeopardise the health of your pet, with insurance you can visit the vet no matter what time of day. 

Insurance helps you avoid these undesirable outcomes by giving you more options and the means to afford to pay the costs that can potentially save your pet's life. *#

Can you afford not having pet insurance?

If you do not have pet insurance you could be up for thousands of dollars in vet bills, on your own when disaster strikes. Petplan has the most comprehensive cover available on the market. Other insurers impose limits to certain injuries and illnesses, meaning you can still be significantly out of pocket even though you have insurance!

With Petplan you are able to claim on a range of veterinary treatments, procedures and medication. We provide the best value and lowest cost pet insurance and our customers are thankful we have been there for them in their time of need.

Your pet can find themselves in many difficult situations if they haven’t already, and how will you cope when they bite of more than they can chew and are in some serious trouble? Can afford not having pet insurance?

If you want cheap pet insurance that will provide you with peace of mind and the best chance of keeping your pet in the best of health, talk to Petplan today on 1300 738 225.

*This information does not take into account your objectives, financial situation or needs. Please consider the PDS before making a decision to purchase the product.

#Subject to meeting terms and conditions. Each claim is individually assessed against the terms and conditions of the policy to determine claim outcome.
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