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At Petplan, we know it is never easy when your pet is sick or has had an accident, however we hope they are now back up to speed.

Petplan Pet Insurance is dedicated to pets being able to have the best veterinary care available when they need it most.

We love to see happy, healthy Petplan protected pets, so why not share with us how Petplan helped you what they were sick. Either post a picture of your pet and your story on our Facebook page or email us the details.

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  • Hazel's Story

    Hazel's Story

    Hazel came into our lives as a puppy, just over a year ago. Having my other dog insured with Petplan for several years, we insured her as soon as we brought her home.
    When she was a few months old, Hazel fractured her hip and required surgery to ensure that the hip and leg would develop properly into adulthood. We were very fortunate to have Petplan’s assistance to fund the surgery, as well as the physio rehabilitation which followed. Her vet bills were over $6,000 and this was covered by Petplan, excluding the $150 excess.
    Hazel is now the picture of health, and we are so thankful to Petplan for allowing us to ensure she had the best treatment possible.
  • Hugo's Story

    Hugo's Story

    We have 2 dachshunds (Hugo and Hunter) who have been a part of our family for 2 years.

    Out walking one day, Hugo thought it would be a good idea to run over a grid instead of around it like his brother Hunter. Unfortunately he came off second best and fractured his right tibia.

    This was a distressing time for us as we would have had to put him down if we didn't have the coverage provided by Petplan. It would have been devastating for the family and it would have taken a long time to get over.

    As it was a freak accident, there was no way we could have foreseen this situation. Although it has been a tough recovery process, the vets and Petplan have been a fantastic with support!
  • Polly's Story

    Polly's Story

    I adopted my dog Polly, a border collie cross, when she was only 8 weeks old. Six years later, she is a very important part of our family and a much loved companion.
    Working in the insurance industry myself, I was conscious of the importance of pet insurance, and Polly has been insured with Petplan since she was two years old.
    Last year, I took Polly to the emergency vet when she started to behave strangely. She deteriorated quickly, and two weeks in intensive care later, she was diagnosed with an immune-mediated form of meningitis. We were so thankful when she started to improve, and she now lives a normal life apart from needing to take steroids daily.
    Due to the level of care and testing Polly required, her vet bills exceeded $7,000. This was funded entirely by Petplan, apart from my excess of $150. I will forever be grateful that we have more time to spend with Polly, and having insurance with Petplan was a massive relief.  
  • Duke's Story

    Duke's Story

    We got Duke at 4 months of age. At around 1.5 years (before we had Petplan) he had lumps removed from his inner leg which the vet thought was a disease that could have aggressively spread if not removed. $1,000 later, we got Dukes biopsy results back and turns out they were just a form of follicular infection. Nothing to worry about. 

    The vet did in passing suggest Petplan for any future events that might occur as being a giant breed. We took this on board and set it up in the following week.

    About 2 years later, Duke came into our bedroom early in the morning, head down, and with very laboured breathing. We rushed to the ER vet clinic where he stayed for numerous tests and monitoring for the day. Two days later we returned back again where he stayed for further testing and an over night stay. The test results showed Duke had CDM and anywhere between 5-10 months to live.

    If we did not have pet insurance I'm not sure what we would have done. We would have found the money somehow but it definitely would have been stressful. When his medication was averaging $8-10 per day!! Not to mention the vet costs alone.

    Unfortunately, we lost Duke late Jan this year, 8 months since diagnosis. Up until his last few days Duke was happy and was able to live a normal life. While the last few days of his life were hard, and have been since his passing, we are so grateful to have had that extra time with him and not be stressed ourselves.
  • Max's Story

    Max's Story

    We have had our dog Max for a little over 7 years. 

    Our vet detected rectal mass in our dog and asked for a colonoscopy and ultrasound.

    Having Max insured with Petplan eased the stress of the vet bills that accumulated quickly. Without Petplan we would have still gone through with the colonoscopy and ultrasound, however it would have put a big strain on our finances.

    We never thought anything serious would ever happen to Max so it was quite a shock when he was diagnosed. He still requires regular monitoring and checkups, although no bad news has been reported so far.

    Thanks Petplan!
  • Oscar's Story

    Oscar's Story

    Oscar is 3 1/2 months old and we have had him since he was 9 weeks old.

    Oscar contracted Parvo at the age of 14 weeks despite being vaccinated, although he was not yet protected by the vaccinations due to his age which I did not know.

    His vet fees quickly added up and i would have struggled to pay the loan of more than $2,800 if I had not taken out the pet insurance. Petplan made the process easy and quickly let me know the outcome.

    It was a freak occurrence that left us devastated for Oscar. He was extremely unwell and lost a lot of weight. Thankfully he is back to his normal self - bouncy and hyperactive just as a Lab/Staffy should be!
  • Poppy's Story

    Poppy's Story

    Poppy, our young Labrador pup has just survived her first year. 

    In her short time with us, she has managed to have two serious vet visits - one when she fractured her shoulder and then not long after that she swallowed a fish hook!

    If it wasn't for Petplan we would be completely out of pocket due to the enormous vet bills for both visits. Thanks goodness for Petplan, they saved the day yet again. Would highly recommend!

  • Sunny's Story

    Sunny's Story

    Sunny has been my companion since the end of 2013. I adopted her from Animal Aid in Gippsland and since the very first moment we along pretty well and I couldn't say no to her. She was pretty shy but quickly settled in to her new home.

    Sunny was involved in a car accident and received a nasty fracture in her right paw, and bruises around her tummy and her tail. It has been three months already after the accident and her recovery has been really good, although she still limps. She is getting all the exercise to help strengthen her paw again, same with her tail, as she wasn't able to move it at all. However, her overall condition is much better now.

    The main reason I got pet insurance was so i could have peace of mind. I'm so glad I chose Petplan as I have always received a prompt response from a claim and I have only paid the excess according to the policy I have - which is nothing compared to the total amount of the claim!

    The most important thing is that I haven't had to worry about where I'm going to get the money to pay; if i need to use my credit card; or if i need to ask for easy-to-pay installments at the vet. I only have to worry about keeping Sunny safe as she is a curious dog - but she's recovering well with plenty of swimming, walking, kisses and cuddles.   
  • Ronan's Story

    Ronan's Story

    Ronan is a 3 and ½ year old staff x mastiff who has been with his family since he was born.

    He is a very energetic dog that never complains, so his owners knew there was something wrong when he would continue to limp after playtime. He was taken to get an X-ray by the vet and found that he has arthritis in his shoulder.

    The cost for his vet treatment was over $1,500 as he now gets his weekly injections and supplements in his food.

    He’s not happy about not getting to play rough with his friends or go running anymore but he’s much better and in a lot less pain. He’s also a bit of a goofball again!
  • Aeryn's Story

    Aeryn's Story

    Aeryn the spoodle who recently had a claim for a severe illness, mononuclear pleocytosis, which gave her debilitating pain, complete loss of appetite, hyper-reflexes and neural tremors.

    Aeryn is a Story Dog (see )who works in a reading support program at East Bentleigh primary school every Friday. Aeryn's emergency treatment and the wonderful care of the Pet Emergency and Specialist Centre team at East Malvern has meant that she has recovered and has returned to work with the children. I'm attaching a photo of Aeryn that appeared in the local paper just 2 weeks after her recovery.

    The veterinary bill was over $3000 and we have a $150 excess. Our petplan insurance - worth every cent.

    With best wishes

  • Emily's Story

    Emily's Story

    Emily went to the vet for her arthritis injection - they listened to her heart and found her small heart murmur had gotten worse. The vet said she needed an echo of her heart while under anaesthetic. This always worries us as our last dog had a reaction under General Anaesthetic and unfortunately died.
    But we trust our vet, so the next week she had the test and they found that her heart had gone into a dangerous slow irregular rhythm.We were very upset she had to go to a specialist and wear a holter monitor for testing. In the end they found she was ok and would just have to be regularly checked for any problems. 
    We were very happy to have Petplan to help us out when we needed it most. The tests were over $3,000*. Thank you Petplan for being there for Emily.
    *Less any applicable excess and non-claimable items.
  • Gatsby's Story

    Gatsby's Story

    My Gatsby. He just loves to snuggle up. He is very special because he has Chiari malformation which means he has to take lots of meds to keep him more or less free from seizures. Everyone who meets him just loves him to bits. Thanks Petplan for helping with the costs (Over $5,000*). He loves to bark at the hawks until they have flown away from our property. He was especially vigilant when we had ducklings.

    *Less any applicable excess and non-claimable items.

  • Anna's Story

    Anna's Story

    Anna (Anniversary Dance) is a high level performance horse and recently qualified to compete at 1* eventing. In April 2015, I took her to an event where she presented on the morning with a swollen splint area on her LH Hind leg, and although she wasn’t seemingly lame on it, she wasn’t moving correctly. I took her to the vet for further assessment. To my utter devastation, Anna had broken her Splint Bone in her leg in 3 places and required immediate, expensive surgery.  
    After 2 weeks in hospital and $6,000* worth of vet bills, Petplan happily paid for the bill. Anna is around 11 weeks into her recovery now and is merely 4 weeks from completing rehab. There’s no way I could have done this without the support of Petplan & especially the lovely Alinta my amazing Customer Care representative.
    When I bring her back into work – I’ll be dedicating my first WIN to the amazing team at Petplan for getting me there. 
    *Less any applicable excess and non-claimable items.
  • Harry Highpants' Story

    Harry Highpants' Story

    This is Harry Highpants. He's a rescue cat, adopted at age 3. He's now 10 years old and has been diabetic for about 4 years and requires insulin injections every 12 hours and regular vet check ups (thank goodness for Petplan as they have saved me over $14,000* over the past few years!).

    My handsome little man's hobbies are to snore loudly enough to wake me up, sit on the TV remote control so I can't find it, do a really smelly poo in the kitty litter whenever I have a guest over and being brushed.  Xx

    *Less any applicable excess and non-claimable items.

  • Lottie's Story

    Lottie's Story

    Lottie, aged 5½ years old is one special cavalier. Right from a puppy Lottie had a very loud snore. We never saw it as a problem, just a part of who she was. As Lottie grew she start to get chesty, breathing complaints, including bronchitis. Our regular vet referred us to a specialist (ARH - Homebush). Everyone thought that it was possible that she had soft palette issues so an operation was arranged. It was a surprise to the vet and to us that they found no soft palette issue but rather that her throat had granulomas. The granulomas and her tonsils were removed and steroids recommended plus an elimination diet plus special food. We also began to visit a naturopathic vet, who consulted with the specialist, to help aid her issues and over time her steroid dose did go down. Through tolerance testing we also found out a number of things that Lottie was intolerant to, including chicken and turkey, which we had been feeding her.

    For a long time things did stay stable and Lottie was enjoying her obedience and flyball training. Early last year Lottie had been entered for her first flyball comp and we were so excited. A couple of weeks before the comp late on a Sunday evening Lottie started to not be as bright as usual. By very early Monday morning she was having difficulty breathing. We contacted the specialist practice and raced her straight there. Her airways were constricting and collapsing. Breathing assistance was given but things weren’t looking good. The vet was wonderful and outlined plainly what our choices were. It was a frightening time and the only way to save Lottie was to perform a permanent tracheostomy. I couldn’t believe this was happening to our little dog. I contacted Petplan who were wonderful in clarifying quickly for me our policy as I was at work and we needed to make a decision quick. Petplan paid out a combined amount of over $11,000* for both surgeries!

    Lottie had the tracheostomy and in total spent 6 days in the vet hospital including time in ICU in a special air tent. We were so happy when we could take her home. We had to learn a new way of life for Lottie including the now twice daily tracheostomy cleaning, no going near water or the beach being careful of the general weather conditions and deciding not to continue flyball with her (she is the cheerleader dog now for our club!). Now when most people look at her they can’t even see the tracheostomy and we do talk to people out and about we educate them about her needs in the hope that if they are ever faced with a similar situation they will have hope.

    *Less any applicable excess and non-claimable items.

  • Ziva's Story

    Ziva's Story

    Hi, I just wanted to thank Petplan for their support of my dog with anxiety. 

    When I insured her I never thought in my wildest dreams she would have this problem. For me – it is way more stressful to have an anxious dog than if she had ruptured her cruciate or fractured her leg or had skin allergies. She is a kelpie, she is supposed to be a working dog not anxious!!

    Being looked after by Petplan has made it easier regarding her ongoing management as they have saved me over $2,200!*

    I hope that eventually she can progress from the worried working dog to a more “normal" dog with her medications & behaviour modifications.
    Thanks again, Julie & Ziva

    *Less any applicable excess and non-claimable items.

  • Montgomery's Story

    Montgomery's Story

    Hello! I just thought I would send through a message to express my gratitude! My little man, Montgomery, is insured through you, and in the last 3-4 months his medical expenses have been excessive. 

    Without the help from you, I am not sure where we would be. After countless food trials, exploratory surgery, biopsies and weeks spent in ICU on fluid therapy and different drug therapies, we still don't have an answer to his constant inappetence, vomiting, tremoring and difficulty toileting (either too hard or too easy). 

    We are still working towards helping our little man overcome these issues, and it is immensely stressful for his poor mum and dad. But Petplan has definitely assisted with alleviating some of the financial stresses as Petplan has paid out more than $10,000!* 

    Thank you x a million! 

    *Less any applicable excess and non-claimable items

  • Yuna's Story

    Yuna's Story

    This is Yuna, my beautiful little Japanese Spitz. Her favourite things to do include: cuddling cats, playing with toilet paper rolls instead of expensive toys and doing zoomies around the farm.

    Yuna has a memorable story which happened just the other month & it was one of the times I was very glad she is insured with Petplan!

    While out riding my horse (only ~100m from my house!) with my two big dogs and Yuna, a kangaroo pulled her into a creek and started drowning her. I of course jumped in and managed to wrestle her out of his arms with some frantic punches and kicks while also having the awful thought of "and this is how my family is going to find my body..." I got Yuna into my arms and held her head out of the water while I tried to scramble out, but I couldn't get myself out of the water while fully clothed in riding gear with the roo blocking my escape to the sand bank I was unable to get my feet on the bottom and with Yuna in my arms and the roo thrashing around next to me I honestly thought I was going to die. I kept screaming for help, hoping my family on the other side of the valley would hear and come to investigate.

    My big amazing fantastic Maremma girl threw herself into the water on top of the roo and growled and snapped at him while I dragged myself out of the water and when I got onto the sand bank (and realised I could not safely move Yuna without help due to blood and gaping wounds) and kept screaming for help she sat in front of Yuna and I in a defensive position and kept the roo away from us Poor little Yuna was carved open, severing her intercostal muscles and just missing her vital organs. She had also inhaled a lot of water.

    With the help of family who heard me screaming across our 200 acre farm we were able to get Yuna to the vet on time to save her. A lot of surgery and driving from country vet to emergency city vet to usual vet clinic and it all turned out okay.

    Petplan paid out over $1,500*

    Yuna has healed up really well and we are very careful about kangaroos now.

    *Less any applicable excess and non-claimable items

  • Sisu's Story

    Sisu's Story

    Thank you Petplan - our dog Sisu, a 2-yr old English Springer Spaniel was recently diagnosed with Pancreatitis. After appearing to be initially recovering, she took a turn for the worse late at night and had to be taken to emergency vets.

    It was a very stressful time for me being 8 months pregnant with our first and being sick with pneumonia. Petplan not only covered all the costs (Over $1,900*) of the emergency treatment without any questions but also reimbursed us promptly taking the financial burden away from us.

    Thank you!!

    *Less any applicable excess and non-claimable items

  • Dallas' Story

    Dallas' Story

    This is 3 and half year old Dallas Dachshund. She’s a very energetic sausage dog who loves to chase balls anywhere and everywhere. Unfortunately in October 2015 she got a little carried away and chased her favourite ball into some high grass near her Canberra home. Lurking in the grass was a snake and before Dallas knew what hit her, the sneaky snake took a strike at her leg.

    When Dallas got home she started to feel very ill – vomiting – drooling – frothing. Luckily she was whisked off to the vet immediately and after being given some anti-venom, other drugs and lots of cuddles and attention from her vet and vet nurses, she’s good as new and back to her cheeky self.

    After over $1,200* in vet bills to get Dallas back to health, Petplan approved her claim quickly and with no fuss.

    *Less any applicable excess and non-claimable items

  • Bosco's Story

    Bosco's Story

    My little champ Bosco! As soon as I saw his sweet little face on my local vets Facebook page for sale, I knew I had to have him! He was so tiny, 'runt' of his litter, and just so happened to be the practice favourite! He was about 5 months old when he decided to be a big boy and climb up my fly screen and fell. The second he hit the ground I heard the break, though he was so brave.

    Luckily my vet has an emergency phone number so within 10 mins he was at the vet and given some pain killers. He had an x-ray the next day and it was confirmed that he had broken his tibia. I needed a specialist to do the Orthopedic surgery, and was given an estimate of over $3000, not including medication or after care, my heart sank. I loved this kitten so much but $3000 plus? Then I remembered 'IM INSURED'!!! Bosco had his surgery, with weeks and weeks of medication and weekly check-ups. During this stressful time Petplan were amazing, they took care of everything with zero complications and paid out over $3,000*.

    It was such a relief that my boy had the best surgeon to do his surgery without complication and without me having to worry about an excessive vet bill. I cannot thank Petplan enough for what they did for my man Bosco.

    *Less any applicable excess and non-claimable items

  • Jerry Lee's Story

    Jerry Lee's Story

    This is a tough and utterly lovable German Shepherd Dog named Jerry Lee, who at just 17 months of age, has visited the vet over 30 times!

    As a puppy, Jerry Lee began to experience significant weight loss. He wasn't eating properly and not growing appropriately for his age. Suffering from diarrhoea and vomiting, what really concerned everyone was that he just didn’t have the energy of a puppy. But even through numerous blood tests, x-rays and ultrasounds, Jerry Lee was a brave pup and never complained.

    After exploratory surgery and a biopsy, Jerry Lee was unluckily diagnosed with Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD). As treatment can be very complicated and costly, it really placed both an emotional and financial strain on Jerry Lee's family.

    Thanks to Petplan, this financial burden was significantly reduced and has so far saved Jerry Lee's family over $15,500*. Once he recovers, Jerry Lee is going to be a big TV star on CTV and enjoy all the things he likes doing most – Including playing tug of war, chasing sticks and guarding his section from the birds.

    *Less any applicable excess and non-claimable items.

  • Samuel Chatouille's Story

    Samuel Chatouille's Story

    To the awesome staff of Petplan, especially Emma who was brilliant.

    Sorry for taking so long to say THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart. You made the claim easy and stress-free. Especially in that intense moment that all you want is to be able to save your pet's life and the FINANCE is at the source of being able to do so. If you were not here; guys, I don't know how I would have managed it in 24 hours when it came to assuring the surgeon that he will get paid.

    Samuel Chatouille had a broken hip on the 9/02/2015 and he had to have the surgery done within 24 hours or else he would painfully die. Thanks to Petplan who paid out over $5,900*, they saved my pet's life. Samuel Chatouille is my whole world, he is my friend, my guardian angel, and he is the only thing that I have in my life here. I can't imagine my life without him.

    Thank you so much to Emma for making everything so easy and keeping me updated with the claim.
    I would strongly advise people who own a pet to please get insurance with Petplan. I would be honoured to be a reference for Petplan because I would be so grateful and delighted to share my experience and story with the whole world.

    I'm not a millionaire and don't have a much savings.  I live on my own with 2 jobs and the one and only thing that I went through without a single worry was making the claim. It was so easy and quick to fill in.

    Thank you so much, words are too small to describe my gratitude for you. God bless you.

    Kind regards,
    Danusha & Samuel Chatouille

    *Less any applicable excess and non-claimable items.

  • Coco's Story

    Coco's Story

    Coco is my beautiful one year old Lhasa Apso.

    In November 2015 I noticed something on her head and when I finally managed to keep her still long enough, I discovered it was a tick.  I removed the tick and as she was showing no signs of tick paralysis I was not too alarmed.  When I called the vet they advised bring her in – just in case. 

    When we arrived at the vet, complete with the squashed tick in a plastic bag, it was confirmed that it was indeed a paralysis tick.  Poor little Coco was admitted to hospital, and was in hospital for the next 6 days.  All I could think about was that she was still just a baby, and the thought of possibly losing her was just too much. 

    The vets and nurses were amazing, however each day Coco remained stable but didn’t improve.  It wasn’t until the fifth day in hospital that Coco showed improvement. 

    I have never been more grateful than I was the night I was able to bring her home.  Coco is now back to full health and up to her usual puppy mischief.  Coco now has the big job of growing all her hair back.  Yes – the vet did shave her.  It was a small sacrifice to be sure Coco had no other ticks.

    While Coco was in hospital I called Petplan to check Coco’s policy and the compassion shown to me by the person who took my call was truly lovely.  Petplan were easy to deal with and Coco’s claim was processed very quickly.  Thank you so much to everyone at Petplan. 

    Petplan paid out over $1,200*

    *Less any applicable excess and non-claimable items.

  • Lightning's Story

    Lightning's Story

    It was a really hot day, over 40 degrees, when we noticed Lightning wasn't eating and his attempt at drinking was more him just resting his mouth in the water trough. The vet came and after some tests, decided he was severely dehydrated and he needed to be admitted to hospital to be put on IV fluids and for further tests to be done. In total Lightning spent 2 weeks in the vet hospital before he was able to return home.

    The final diagnosis, Lightning had contracted an Upper Respiratory Tract Infection, and because he was unwell he didn't feel like drinking, this lead to him becoming dehydrated and worsened the illness.

    A month later Lightning is now back to himself, enjoying Pony Club and preparing for upcoming shows with his best friend.

    I really must thank the wonderful staff at Petplan, they made the entire claims process really easy.

    Petplan paid out over $3,200*

    *Less any applicable excess and non-claimable items.

  • Jett's Story

    Jett's Story

    Jett fell ill late on a weeknight and required emergency after hour’s surgery.  He was vomiting and couldn't even keep water down.  After X-rays they found he had an intestinal obstruction.  Surgery was finished at 3am and they found an intact paddle pop stick in his intestine.  It had caused damage and a section of his intestine had to be removed. 

    He came home from surgery initially bright but rapidly deteriorated and had to spend another night with our local vets.  They decided the next morning that he needed a higher level of care as he was incredibly ill and not recovering.  I drove him 2 hours to the nearest specialist hospital where he could have 24 hour care, ultrasounds and specialists looking after him.  He stayed with them for 5 days and luckily didn't need any further surgery.

    To know that we were covered in such a stressful and upsetting time was a huge relief.  We have claimed a few times over the years and it is always an easy process.

    Petplan paid out over $6,500* for Jett’s Intestinal Foreign Body.

    Jett is a huge part of our family.  He is such a friendly, comical, bright and loyal boy.  He truly is our best friend and we don't know what we would do without him.  Thank you Petplan for making it possible to get him the care he needed to survive.  Bringing him home from hospital was the best day!

    *Less any applicable excess and non-claimable items.

  • Dodge's Story

    Dodge's Story

    I want to say a big THANK YOU to all of the staff at Petplan. My 8 month old Husky x Mastiff “Dodge” was run over and when my son got out of his car to check on Dodge, he bit my son on the hand and took the tip off one of my son's fingers. After receiving the call from my son, I rang my husband and we both drove home in a panic.

    The 10 minute drive home felt like hours. I took my son to the hospital and my husband took Dodge to the vet. While we were at the hospital waiting on x-rays and my son having antibiotic injections and painkillers, the vet was ringing us to keep us updated both on Dodge's condition and the rising costs. It was a bad break and the vets were thinking about amputating – both the tibia and fibula in his back left leg were broken. My son and Dodge underwent emergency surgery at the same time. My son to clean out and tidy up the tip of his finger and Dodge had wire wrapped around the bones and a pin inserted.

    After 8 gruelling weeks of trying to keep a puppy confined and quiet and my sons ongoing doctors’ appointments and painful dressing changes, the pin came out and then another 2 weeks later the sutures. When we were at the hospital receiving updates from the vet, the reassurance of having pet insurance for Dodge made a difficult situation a lot easier to deal with. Sure, if we didn’t have the insurance we would have found the money somewhere and somehow, but just not having to worry about that side of things was a relief. The entire claim process was very easy and all of the staff that I dealt with at Petplan were fantastic and extremely helpful.

    Petplan paid out over $3,500*.

    I cannot recommend them highly enough. Both my son and Dodge have made a full recovery and are the best of friends and we are all having fun together at the beach again.

    Terri Brown

    *Less any applicable excess and non-claimable items.

  • Bea's Story

    Bea's Story

    Last year I noticed a small, weeping wound under my horse’s jaw, which upon examination by a vet was thought to be a tooth root abscess. I’d never heard of this before and was astonished how serious it quickly became, requiring two surgeries to remove four teeth and part of her jawbone, and many weeks in hospital. It was the worst infection of this type the vets had ever seen.

    Four months later we’re not out of the woods yet, but she is making progress every day. I have had my horse since she was born and she’s incredibly special to me, and dealing with such a serious issue has been extremely stressful; I can’t imagine how much worse it would have been without Petplan there to pay over $5,500* for the veterinary bill.

    Petplan has paid everything*, I’ve claimed promptly with their easy claims process, and has allowed me to give my horse the best care and the best chance of survival, which as a university student I never would have been able to do. I recommend Petplan to everyone! This condition was caused by nothing more than bad luck, and is the type of thing you always think will happen to someone else. I’ll never have an uninsured horse again!

    *Less any applicable excess and non-claimable items.

  • Frodo's Story

    Frodo's Story

    This is Frodo, one of my four Oriental cats that I have insured with you. Gizmo (Asthmatic & Pollen Allergies), Itchy (Abscess and Arthritis) and Scratchy are my other 3. Not only does Frodo have Pyrexia but one day he was hit by a car and had very serious injuries. We found him on the road at night and took him straight into the vets. They weren't too sure he was going to live as his injuries were very bad. His diaphragm was completely torn away on both sides, all of his intestines etc had been shoved into his chest and were squashing his heart and lungs. His leg was dislocated at the hock and all the ligaments and tendons were torn away.

    It was a HUGE relief to know that he is insured with Petplan! The people I have dealt with on the phone at Petplan have been fantastic and always helpful. The cover is great. I wouldn't be without it. I was able to get his surgery done without worrying thanks to Petplan, you guys are awesome.

    Gizmo was very happy when his best friend came home!

    Petplan has paid out over $3,000* for Frodo’s car accident alone, contributing to a grand total of over $6,300* for all conditions that these four oriental cats have unfortunately encountered in their lives.

    *Less any applicable excess and non-claimable items.

  • Douglas' Story

    Douglas' Story

    Douglas is a very expensive purebred Boston Terrier puppy. Douglas soon got the middle name 'trouble', due to his Rambunctious antics and confident character.

    One day Douglas and my mum’s dog, Bug (Mastiff X) were playing with a new tug rope. Douglas jumped up to grab the rope but slipped. Falling onto the floor, Douglas landed awkwardly on his left hind leg. He initially let out a yelp but then continued playing from a laying down position. It was after a few minutes of observation I noticed he was struggling to stand up and was not bearing weight on that leg at all. Mum and I agreed it was most probably a strain or sprain and if he was not better in the morning we would take him to the emergency veterinary hospital.

    Sure enough in the morning he was no better, in fact the leg was visibly swollen around the knee area and he was still not bearing weight on it. We booked Douglas in for the first available appointment. The vet thought it might just be soft tissue damage and prescribed some anti-inflammatory medication to help with his pain and bring down the swelling. They also told me to make an appointment to see my usual vet on the next day for a follow up.

    The next day, I did just that and my vet was worried it was broken and admitted Douglas for X-Rays under sedation. The diagnosis wasn't good, Douglas had shattered his tibial crest. This is was a complicated fracture. After reviewing the X-Rays it was decided it would be best to put Douglas's leg in a full cast/splint for 6 weeks, confine him to a crate during this healing period and complete regular X-Rays to ensure all bone fragments were in alignment.

    After the 6 weeks of regular X-Rays and bandage changes, our local vet was happy to take the cast of leave Douglas’ leg. Within a few days I knew his leg still wasn't right, he wasn't putting any weight through it, he was uncomfortable and in pain. After another set of X-Rays, they showed the bone was still fragmented and he required major surgery as it wasn't going to heal. This surgery cost just over $3,500, on top of all the other bills for bandage changes and X-Rays.

    Once again poor Douglas was confined to a crate. Three days after, he was almost walking normally, the plates, pins and wire had worked! Follow up X-rays were promising and we were very happy with the way Douglas was healing. He was going swimming in a pet rehab pool and was gaining muscle tone slowly in that leg. Then one morning Douglas woke up and was lame again in that leg. My heart sunk, as I booked him into have more X-Rays. Douglas had a subluxating patella, caused by the fragmentation loosening the tendons that hold the knee cap in place.

    He required another major operation to correct this. After seeing the X-rays, the vet decided he would only need to anchor the patella back in place. Whilst Douglas was on the operating table they had to deepen his trochlea groove as the anatomy of his knee has changed and he was optimistic Douglas would avoid further surgery. This surgery cost approximately $2,000.

    Douglas was once again refined to a crate. Nothing I did seemed to get him to put any weight through that leg. Douglas got a wound infection and was in large amounts of pain. After being prescribed passive movement exercises for the leg, he slowly started to put small amounts of weight through that leg. Douglas was eventually given the all clear to start swimming rehab every two days and within two weeks he was running almost like normal.

    Petplan have covered Douglas for over $15,000* worth of vet bills. Without Petplan I would not have been able to afford such wonderful care and the best available treatment possible.

    Thanks to Petplan, Douglas has all four legs in working order!

    *Less any applicable excess and non-claimable items.

  • Dandy's Story

    Dandy's Story

    Hi - Dandy is our 2 year old Chow Chow

    My son named him Dandy because he is fluffy like a Dandelion.. and also the Chinese name for this ancient Chinese breed is ' Fluffy Lion Dog '.

    When we first picked up Dandy from the breeder we had a complementary 6 weeks cover with Petplan. I must admit I didn't renew the insurance - I guess being a young dog I didn't see the urgency and the added cost etc. Luckily later my wife pressured me to take out insurance, so fortunately I chose Petplan and took out ultimate cover for him (always listen to your wife!)

    In October of last year Dandy started limping on his left hind leg. I took him to the vets and he was diagnosed with a rupture of the cranial cruciate ligament of his left knee. In short he would have a permanent limp unless he had some sort of surgery. We were referred to a specialist and decided that the best long term solution was a Tibial Plate levelling osteotomy (TPLO)

    As you can imagine - an expensive operation of around $6,000! There's no way we could get that back through insurance I thought. I looked through Petplan’s claims stories like this and I was amazed at how Petplan had helped with costs even much higher than ours.

    I contacted Petplan and sure enough - as I was in Ultimate – I was covered!

    Petplan paid out over $5,900* for the Ruptured Cruciate Ligament.

    The operation was very successful and a few months later there's no sign he even had knee trouble and Petplan covered his operation just like they said - no problem. Unbelievable - thanks Petplan.

    Whatever you do - take out insurance - it’s a small investment for looking after your beloved pet - even young dogs can have a very large vet bill as I can testify. 

    The Nicholls family and Dandy

    *Less any applicable excess and non-claimable items.

  • Poppy's Story

    Poppy's Story

    Just wanted to get in touch to say what an awesome company! We haven't had our rescue pup Poppy very long and she's already had a bad time of it being diagnosed with double hip dysplasia.

    She's been through two surgeries now and having you guys pay out and deal with our claims promptly and without hassle has made a very stressful time for us much simpler. We've been able to focus on getting Poppy better rather than worrying about money, so thank you!

    Petplan have paid out over $7,800* for double Hip Dysplasia.

    We're hoping it's a much smoother road moving forward, but will be recommending you guys to all our doggie friends! She still has a way to go with physio and correcting her walk with some fetching Forest Gump style braces, but she's much happier and got the ok to run last week so she's very happy!

    It’s been a very long road and we still have a bit to go but the simplicity of working with you guys has made such a difference!

    *Less any applicable excess and non-claimable items.

  • Kitty's Story

    Kitty's Story

    I am writing this to show you all my appreciation of your work, your support and what a bloody great service this is.

    Here is my special man’s story:

    I rescued "Kitty" (male Pomeranian) 14 1/2 years ago ... But covered him with Petplan when he was 6 years old ... My vet suggested it.  And why wouldn't I insure him when he was the MOST important everything in my life ... Just made sense. 

    For years and years and years, I paid and paid and paid.  Friends and family thought this was just a waste.... Man I should have appreciated what a waste of money those years were.

    At the age of 10 he was diagnosed with heart failure by his vocal vet.  I was devastated.  So I searched and searched for the best vet money could buy and found Dr Steve Holloway from Advance Vet Care in Kensington, for a second opinion.   And that made the world of difference to my best friend.  

    He did have to visit the surgery in emergency situations quite a few times and he had to endure tests which I am sure my little buddy didn't really like ... But I knew I never had to worry about the cost ... Didn't even flicker in my mind.  I was able to say to Steve "Whatever it takes to keep my little boy happy and healthy ... Just do ... I have pet insurance with Petplan". And the difference it made was an extra 4 happy years.  

    Petplan paid out over $6,800* for Mitral Valve Disease.

    But his end did come towards the end of May this year and even though my heart is so broken and I miss him more than I could ever explain, I am also so grateful to Petplan, because I was able to give him the best care, the best life, the best treatment..... Thank you! 

    I will rescue another dog ...soon .... And I will insure him or her with Petplan.  I also really hope I can fall in love again  ... But I hope this time I don't need to use the insurance!!!

    *Less any applicable excess and non-claimable items.

  • Basil's Story

    Basil's Story

    Hi there, I saw the testimonial on your Facebook page about Dodge, and felt I should absolutely share our experience with Petplan during a very stressful time with our cat Basil. In October last year he came home missing the top of his tail. It was at night and he'd slipped out before I could lock him up for the night. We raced to After Hours in a panic where we were told he'd have to lose a large part of his tail and stay overnight. The vet suspected he'd been hit by a car.

    A week later, he started passing blood in his urine and was in loads of discomfort, so off to the vet we went where he was put on a host of antibiotics and anti-depressants (apparently trauma can cause cats to get bladder infections).

    Things seemed to get somewhat better until shortly before Christmas, the most financially stressful time of year for anyone. He lost weight and one afternoon just wouldn't get up. Off to vet we went again, where he was diagnosed with chronic kidney failure. The outlook was dismal, we already had a cat put down with kidney failure and we were devastated. The cost to flush his kidneys was crippling with little chance of success but because we had insurance we made the decision to give it a try. The vet gave us odds of 10% for recovery but we took it, he is our ginger ninja after all.

    He responded better than anticipated, and has been on a special diet and so far has shown no further symptoms of the kidney failure. We truly got our Christmas miracle.

    The reason we got pet insurance was because of the last cat, it cost us over $3500 and nearly did us in financially. Boy are we glad we did!

    Petplan paid out over $3,800* for Basil’s Chronic Kidney Failure.

    The process was easy, and we had the money into our account within a few weeks. I can't thank them enough for the peace of mind they provide and because of that we were able to give Basil the chance he needed. You guys are great!

    *Less any applicable excess and non-claimable items.

  • Lucca's Story

    Lucca's Story

    Hi There,

    Lucca aka Kugel Ebony Ambassador is an approx. 70kg (purebred with papers) male Bullmastiff living in Wellington and has been covered by Petplan since he was about 11 weeks old. Petplan covered vet costs when he had an ear infection not long after I got him, so the policy paid for itself in the first year.

    By the time Lucca was two, he presented with pain in his left rear leg and was seen by Central Vet Hospital in Wellington. Anti-inflammatories were prescribed but the lameness continued.

    Lucca was referred for X-rays it was found that he had torn his cruciate ligament. The team at Central Vet Hospital referred us to Massey University Vet Teaching Hospital and the decision was made for Lucca to have TPLO surgery.

    I hardly had to do anything. It was the most stress free insurance claim I’ve ever had, Petplan covered the first vet visit with Central Vet Hospital for lameness and every single thing relating to that injury has gone on the same claim. I was kept so well informed and everything was so easy, all I had to do was worry about my fur-baby getting better.

    Age 3 and a half he is now fully recovered and feeling 110%.

    Petplan paid out over $4,500* for Lucca’s Left Hind Leg Lameness.

    I would recommend Petplan to anyone I don’t know where I’d be without them.


    Rachel Devany

    *Less any applicable excess and non-claimable items.

  • Bear's Story

    Bear's Story

    Bear, our adorable and much loved rescue miniature horse, suddenly came down with severe right foreleg lameness. The cause of Bear’s lameness was difficult to diagnose. However, under the care of a lameness equine specialist and following a high-density x-ray, Bear was diagnosed with a very rare condition called shoulder dysplasia.

    We were devastated because there were only two treatment options; expensive surgery or humanely putting him to sleep. Our decision to go ahead with the expensive surgery was an easy choice because Bear had Petplan insurance.

    Bear’s surgery involved the insertion of titanium implants in his shoulder. Post-operatively, Bear developed pneumonia which extended his hospital stay to 19 days. Thankfully, he has almost finished his rehabilitation program and we are looking forward to seeing him return to his happy, contented life with his paddock mate Wicca.

    Petplan paid out over $6,000* for Bear’s Forelimb Lameness.

    Originally, I decided to insure my two miniatures horses because as horse owners know, these amazing creatures do not know how to play quietly in the paddock, and are prone to mishaps. I never expected having Petplan insurance would contribute to saving little Bear’s life. Thank you Petplan.  

    *Less any applicable excess and non-claimable items.

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