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There’s no doubt that our pets become can become our most important companions. Their love and their loyalty bring us happiness beyond measure, while their constant companionship can be a lifeline for many of us who live alone. Research has shown that owning a pet can significantly improve the quality of our life; they have the ability to lower stress, lower blood pressure and encourage us to exercise more.
However, as our loyal pet starts to age, we often start to worry about how we’re going to afford vet’s bills should the worst happen. And that’s where Petplan can help you. We offer seniors pet insurance to take care of your pet throughout its life, providing cover for unforeseen circumstances such as accidents and illness. 

Affordable Pet Insurance for Seniors Australia wide

Let’s face it, worrying about how to afford expensive vet’s fees is not good for our health or our stress levels. With our pet insurance for seniors, Australia based pet owners can rest assured that you’ll be getting unrivalled insurance at an affordable price. We offer no-obligation quotes via our website or, if you prefer, you can call one of our friendly representatives who can talk you through the cover and give you a quotation based on you and your pet’s needs.
All our quotes are completely free, and you’re under no obligation to sign up. However, we’re confident that when you see just how affordable our cover is, you’ll be happy to take out a policy. And, after all, when it comes to making a decision about the best pet insurance for seniors, your pets are your number one priority – they give you unconditional love, and they deserve to have a plan in place to take care of them if they should become ill or injured in an accident.

Cover for the Lifetime of Your Pet

At Petplan, we understand how precious your pet is and the part they play in your family. And that’s why we offer cover for the lifetime of your pets. We offer Covered for Life policies for both dogs and cats which will take care of your pet from birth onwards and which will give you the peace of mind you need knowing that your pet’s health is taken care of as they age.
Unlike some other pet insurance companies, we specialise in pet insurance and nothing else. That’s why we’re the number one pet insurance company in Australia and why more people choose us to look after their family pets than any other company. Don’t risk facing enormous bills for veterinary care as your pet becomes older; sign up for a policy now, and you can sleep easy knowing that we’ll take care of the cost of treatment.
Our seniors policies allow owners of older pets to get the coverage needed to pay for veterinary fees, death or illness, loss or theft of your pet, holiday cancellations should your pet become ill or go missing and provides third-party liability if your dog causes damage or injury.
Just because your pet is getting on in years doesn’t mean that they no longer need insurance – in fact, it’s a time when it’s needed more than ever. Request your FREE quote now!

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