Dog on the Job Day

On June 22 we celebrate and promote National "Dog on the Job Day."

Studies have shown that having dogs in the office is beneficial for lowering stress and increasing morale and productivity.

Join us on Friday by bringing your dog to the office and sharing the love! (Of course, be sure to check with your employer first)

Watch our Dog on the Job video here

2018 Ambassador

Bear, the Border Collie is our Dog on the Job Ambassador for 2018! He used to live and work at an Equestrian Centre, where he helped with the stables, feed runs, bringing horses in and out, watering, harrowing the arena and just being the general supervisor! 

Did you know?  

Petplan’s 2016 Pet Census found that only 7.3% of owners take their pets to work with them, while over half worried about leaving their pets at home. Dog on the Job Day aims at building the relationship between pet and owner. Petplan have always encouraged their employees to bring their furry friends to work as it can boost the office morale and lower stress of the employees.

If you want to find out more on the basics of bringing your dog to work including the do’s and don’ts, you can read Petplan’s tips here
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