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Petplan Preferred BreederPetplan is proud of the relationship that we have built with Australian dog and cat breeders. Our breeder network is over 2,000 strong and is growing every day. Petplan breeders send their puppies and kittens to their new homes with an instant 6 week policy.

Petplan Preferred Breeders send their puppies & kittens home with a free policy:

We believe that the welfare of the animal should be at the heart of what we do, and sending puppies and kittens home with a policy insures that they are covered if the unexpected occurs. Petplan Preferred Breeders recommend Petplan’s ‘Covered For Life®’ products for kittens and puppies, because if continued, it provides the ultimate in lifetime peace of mind.

Petplan Preferred Breeders can benefit from:

  • Peace of mind that their line is venturing off into the world covered for the unexpected.
  • A value add and peace of mind bonus to offer their clients.
  • Partake in Breeder Bonus Points program, for policies activated and those continued. Points can be redeemed for Coles/Myer vouchers.

Waiting Periods:

  • 3 Day waiting period for accident and injury.
  • 7 Day waiting period for illness.

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