Multi Pet Discount

Many people own more than one pet so that’s why Petplan gives you the option to add all your pets to your new pet insurance policy making it easier for you to manage. Further to that by adding more pets to the policy Petplan also give you a discount of 10% a year per pet.

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At Petplan we offer two types of cover packed with extensive benefits – our lifetime cover and our time limited 12 month cover. Click to read and compare the pet cover available today.

Benefits of multi pet policies

  • 10% discount per pet every year when you have 3 + pets.
  • Easy to manage all the pets under one customer id number
  • Have all your cats and dogs under one customer id number
  • We can cover unlimited pets for you.
  • Each pet can have a different cover level.

If you are an existing customer with Petplan and would like to insure another pet please call us on 1300 738 225

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