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Petplan helps build a financial bridge between a veterinary practice and their clients. The care that veterinarians and their practice professionals can offer uninsured clients is often limited by what the client can afford. However when dealing with an insured client, the options increase.

What Petplan does for Veterinarians:

Having clients insured with Petplan provides veterinary practices with the ability to offer their clients the best products and care available. However Petplan can also help the practice in many other ways, by offering:

  • 4 Weeks Introductory insurance to your clients through our Introductory Veterinary Cover (IVC) program.
  • Better patient care and care options.
  • Job satisfaction for veterinary professionals, who want to offer the latest and best in care.
  • Increased practice turn over, and fewer bad debt cases.
  • Clients who can focus on their pet’s well-being rather than the cost of treatment.
  • Continued advances in veterinary care, as care options increase.

Vet practice staff discounts

Participating vet practice staff are eligible to receive a discount on our products. For more information about the Vet practice staff discount program, Click Here.

Introductory Veterinary Cover (IVC) program

Veterinarians Work with Petplan Pet InsurancePetplan offers an exclusive program allowing partner Vet clinics to offer 4 Weeks Free Introductory Veterinary Cover (IVC) to their clients. There is no obligation for the client to continue the cover, and the clinic receives rewards for each free policy converted.

Introductory Veterinary Cover (IVC)*

The Benefits The Cover
Veterinary Fees
for injury and illness including hospitalisation and referral
Up to $3,000
Death from Injury Up to $500
Death from Illness Up to $500
Advertising & Reward Up to $400

*Cover is subject to acceptance criteria. Terms, conditions and waiting periods apply.
Policy limits and exclusions may apply. This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other Petplan offer or Product.

Waiting Periods:

  • 3 Day waiting period for accident and injury.
  • 7 Day waiting period for illness.

To become a partner Vet and offer your clients 4 Weeks Free Introductory Veterinary Cover (IVC):

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