Equine Insurance Solutions

 Horses are often overlooked when it comes to pet insurance. This reason alone is why equine insurance solutions are one of the main specialities that we offer at Petplan.

Like all other pets, horses can encounter their fair share of medical issues. With our experienced team by your side, you’re able to relieve yourself of the financial stress that would usually be associated with pet insurance while also making sure that your galloping friend gets access to medical support if it’s needed. 
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Petplan’s Equine Insurance Plans

So, what exactly can our insurance plans do for you? We completely understand that some pet owners have more money to spend on pet insurance, while others don’t. On top of that you might be dissuaded by plans that include perks which don’t apply to you – again, we understand.

Thus, our plans are very flexible and below are the main equine insurance plans that Petplan has to offer.

Mortality, Theft & Straying. Should your horse pass away, wander off, or be stolen, this equine plan will cover the insured amount.

Horse Liability Plan. Horses can be spooked fairly easily and if this leads to property damage or an injury, legal action could be taken. Our liability plan covers you in this otherwise expensive situation.

Veteran Plans. This plan is perfect for equines from 17-29 years old. It includes optional vet fee coverage of up to $2,000 for injuries and $3,000 if the pet dies from an injury. 

Optional Extras to Our Equine Insurance Policies

If you have your eye on one of the plans above but “something’s missing” from it, don’t worry – we’ve got your back. Check out the policy extras that we’ve listed below.

  • Disposal After Death. Disposing of a pet’s body is upsetting and considering the size of horses, it can be physically straining too. This covers up to $300 of the costs associated with body disposal.
  • Saddlery & Tack Cover. As long as you store your saddlery and tack in a secure/locked location, this will cover stolen or damaged saddlery and tacks.
  • Vet Fee Cover. Most pet owners will opt-in for this extra which offers two levels of coverage. This simply covers those unexpected vet fees which you might not be able to pay for at the moment – instead, we cover them for you.
  • Permanent Loss of Use. Do you have a racehorse? If so, our Permanent Loss of Use extra insures your horse in the event that it can’t take part in these activities ever again. 

Interested in Equine Insurance? Call Us Today!

If you’re ready to “saddle up” and get an equine insurance plan that keeps your horse healthy, get in touch with us. One of our specialists will walk you through everything that you need to know and help you choose a suitable insurance policy.

Keep in mind that we aren’t limited to equine pet insurance – we also have plans for cats and dogs too!
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Equine Insurance

Horse Insurance

This is the Mortality, Theft & Straying cover offered by Petplan Equine Insurance. This refers to either the death of your horse or its physical disappearance, whether by theft or straying.


Insurance For Your Horse Float or Horse Drawn

Float, Saddlery & tack

Petplan Equine offers insurance for your horse float or horse drawn vehicle.


Third Party Liability

Third Party Liability

Horses are naturally flight animals and due to their natural instincts can act out of the ordinary and potentially cause risk to themselves and to others


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Fast, efficient and easy to deal with, affordable, although I have never had a claim, I have used Petplan on and off for 5 or so years



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