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Best Australian Pet Insurance Company

Why Petplan Pet Insurance?

Petplan AU is solely focused on providing Australian pet insurance policies to our customers.

In recent years the Pet Insurance market has been flooded with new companies. Unlike many other insurers Petplan’s sole focus is pets. We are pet insurance people and we know what kind of joy a furry friend can give you, and we know how important their health is. Insuring with Petplan pet insurance means that you are insuring with the specialists and we offer nothing but the best for your best friend.

Petplan is the world's largest pet insurance provider

Petplan started in the UK more than 35 years ago and is recognised as the most trusted name in Pet Insurance. Petplan insures more pets worldwide than any other Pet Insurer and Petplan has been the leading pet insurance specialist company in Australia for almost a decade.

Genuine *Covered for Life for illnesses

Petplan offers genuine ‘*Covered for Life’ pet insurance, so you know should your pet develop a chronic, re-occurring or life long illness that will require expensive treatment and medication for the rest of its life, Petplan’s ‘Covered for Life’ policy will be there for the long haul.
*(To receive ‘Covered for Life’ protection, the policy must be either Classic or Ultimate and must be renewed each year without a gap in cover).


Furry Tales

  • Gatsby’s Story

    Emily's Story

    Emily went to the vet for her arthritis injection - they listened to her heart and found her small heart murmur....

    Small Heart Murmur
    Over $3,000*
  • Emily’s Story

    Gatsby's Story

    My Gatsby. He just loves to snuggle up. He is very special because he has Chiari malformation....

    Chiari Malformation
    Over $5,000*
  • Anna’s Story

    Anna's Story

    I have been a customer of Petplan since November 2013 with my horse Anna (Anniversary Dance)....

    Broken Splint Bone
    Over $6,000*
  • Emily’s Story

    Harry Highpants' Story

    This is Harry Highpants. He's a rescue cat, adopted at age 3. He's now 10 years old and has been diabetic for about 4...

    Over $14,000*
  • Lottie’s Story

    Lottie's Story

    Lottie, aged 5½ years old is one special cavalier. Right from a puppy Lottie had a very loud snore. We never saw...

    Granulomas & Tracheostomy
    Over $11,000*
  • Ziva’s Story

    Zivas's Story

    Hi, I just wanted to thank Petplan for their support of my dog with anxiety...

    Over $2,200*
  • Montgomery’s Story

    Montgomery's Story

    Hello! I just thought I would send through a message to express my gratitude! My little man...

    Over $10,000*
  • Ziva’s Story

    Yuna's Story

    This is Yuna, my beautiful little Japanese Spitz. Her favourite things to do include...

    Attacked By Kangaroo
    Over $1,500*
  • Sisu’s Story

    Sisu's Story

    Thank you Petplan - our dog Sisu, a 2-yr old English Springer Spaniel was recently diagnosed with Pancreatitis...

    Over $1,900*
  • Dallas' Story

    Dallas' Story

    This is 3 and half year old Dallas Dachshund. She’s a very energetic sausage dog who loves to chase balls...

    Snake Bite
    Over $1,200*
  • Jeery Lee's Story

    Jerry Lee's Story

    This is a tough and utterly lovable German Shepherd Dog named Jerry Lee, who at just 17 months of age, has visited...

    GDV & Polyphagia
    Over $15,500*
  • Bosco's Story

    Boscos' Story

    My little champ Bosco! As soon as I saw his sweet little face on my local vets facebook page for sale, I knew I had to...

    Broken Tibia
    Over $3,000*
  • Samuel Chatouille's Story

    Samuel Chatouille's Story

    To the awesome staffs of Petplan, especially Kylie and Emma who were brilliant. Sorry for taking so long to say...

    Broken Hip
    Over $5,900*
  • Coco's Story

    Coco's Story

    Coco is my beautiful one year old Lhasa Apso. In November 2015 I noticed something on her head...

    Paralysis Tick
    Over $1,200*
  • Lightning's Story

    Lightning's Story

    It was a really hot day, over 40 degrees, when we noticed Lighting wasn't eating and his attempt at drinking...

    Respiratory Tract Infection
    Over $3,200*
  • Jett's Story

    Jett's Story

    Jett fell ill late on a weeknight and required emergency after hour’s surgery.  He was vomiting and couldn't...

    Intestinal Foreign Body
    Over $6,500*
  • Dodge's Story

    Dodge's Story

    I want to say a big THANK YOU to all of the staff at Petplan. My 8 month old Husky x Mastiff “Dodge” was run over...

    Fractured Tibia & Fibula
    Over $3,500*
  • Bea's Story

    Bea's Story

    Last year I noticed a small, weeping wound under my horse’s jaw, which upon examination by a vet was thought...

    Teeth Abscess
    Over $5,500*
  • Frodo's Story

    Frodo's Story

    This is Frodo, one of my four Oriental cats that I have insured with you. Gizmo (Asthmatic & Pollen Allergies), Itchy...

    Hit By Car
    Over $3,000*
  • Douglas' Story

    Douglas' Story

    Douglas is a very expensive purebred Boston Terrier puppy. Douglas soon got the middle name 'trouble'...

    Sublaxating Patella
    Over $15,000*
  • Dandy's Story

    Dandy' Story

    Hi - Dandy is our 2 year old Chow Chow. My son named him Dandy because he is fluffy like a Dandelion...

    Ruptured Cruciate Ligament
    Over $5,900*
  • Poppy's Story

    Poppy's Story

    Just wanted to get in touch to say what an awesome company! We haven't had our rescue pup Poppy...

    Double Hip Dysplasia
    Over $7,800*
  • Kitty's Story

    Kitty's Story

    I am writing this to show you all my appreciation of your work, your support and what a bloody great service this is...

    Mitral Valve Disease
    Over $6,800*
  • Basil's Story

    Basil's Story

    Hi there, I saw the testimonial on your Facebook page about Dodge, and felt I should absolutely share our...

    Chronic Kidney Failure
    Over $3,800*
  • Lucca's Story

    Lucca's Story

    Hi there, Lucca aka Kugel Ebony Ambassador is an approx. 70kg (purebred with papers) male Bullmastiff...

    Left Hind Leg Lameness
    Over $4,500*
  • Bear's Story

    Bear's Story

    Bear, our adorable and much loved rescue miniature horse, suddenly came down with severe right foreleg...

    Forelimb Lameness
    Over $6,000*

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