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For over 35 years Petplan have maintained its position as the market-leading pet insurance provider. Petplan is the world’s #1 Pet Insurance provider, covering millions of pets around the globe.

More and more pet owners are choosing Petplan as they realise the low-cost pet insurance provider does not cover long-term vet fees - but we do! Petplan offers Covered For Life® pet insurance policies for our cats and dogs.

With the best product in the market, we can help you take advantage of it. Register now to learn more about offering Petplan Pet Insurance to your clients.

10 Quick Facts

Here are 10 great reasons to add our pet insurance to your portfolio:

  • In our experience, one in three pets require urgent veterinary attention each year.
  • After Pet accessories, veterinary fees are the second highest expenditure for pet owners. Pet insurance helps them budget for these costs
  • Petplan is the world’s #1 Pet Insurance provider, covering millions of pets around the globe.
  • We have several plans that you can choose from - designed to suit both your pocket and your pet’s needs
  • We offer 10% discount when you insure three or more pets with us.
  • Our insurance can cover pets for accident, illness, loss by theft or straying, advertising and reward, boarding fees, holiday cancellation and third party liability for dogs.
  • Our customers enjoy great benefits like option to pay the vet directly in the event of a claim, highest benefit amounts offered in Australia, fast and quick settlements on claims and regular email updates from Petplan

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