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Pet Insurance Claims

At Petplan we do all we can to process your pet insurance claims quickly and fairly.  To make a claim, simply complete the relevant claim form, which you can download and print at your convenience.  It’s easy to claim with Petplan, however, if there is missing information on your claim form it can cause a delay. 

If you would like some assistance with the claims procedure please refer to A Guide on How to Complete a Claim Form.

To help us process your claim quickly, you can help by making sure the claim form has all sections completed, is signed by both you and your vet, all relevant itemised invoices are included, and if it is your first claim with Petplan, ask your vet to supply a full veterinary history and attach it to your claim.

Claim by mail

Download our Pet Insurance Claim form
Download and complete your claim form, and take it to your vet to fill in and sign.
Attach original receipts with any supporting documents, and send to:
Petplan Australasia Pty Ltd
1-3 Smolic Crt, Tullamarine, Vic 3043

Receive Your Claim
We’ll send you a letter on the outcome of your claim. Your successful claim will be paid from Petplan in a choice of three ways.

  1. Credit into your bank account that your monthly premium is direct debited from
  2. Credit into the bank account that is nominated on the claims form at time of submission
  3. Paid direct to your vet. *Conditions Apply. Both the treating veterinarian/clinic and Petplan must mutually agree and are happy to proceed with this payment arrangement. Your treating veterinarian/clinic must complete and sign the Direct Payment Section on the claim form to begin this process. As per our PDS “If We receive a request to pay the claim settlement direct to a Veterinary practice, We reserve the right to decline this request.”
Pet Insurance Claim Checklist
To help us process your claim without delay, make sure you have completed these steps:
  • Make sure both your section and your vets section is fully completed and signed before submitting your claim.
  • Make sure you’ve included itemised receipts, as well as any vet consultation notes and other supporting documentation where relevant.
  • Check on your Certificate of Insurance that you are not claiming for items that are not claimable under your policy, these include, but not limited to: routine and preventative care, (teeth cleaning, worming, desexing and vaccinations), any illness that occurred within your waiting period and or were pre-existing conditions.
  • Please check your policy's excess amount before submitting the claim.
  • Keep copies of all of your claim documentation for your records.

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