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When comparing pet insurance plans, it can be easy to focus solely on price. However, in ensuring you achieve the competitive price for your policy, it’s important that you get to know the precise cover offered by that plan. The last thing that you want to uncover in the event of a claim is that cover for a specific condition isn’t actually included in your plan.
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Compare Pet Insurances at Petplan

Insurance cover can vary significantly from provider to provider, so when you’re seeking to compare pet insurance Australia wide, you need to get to know exactly what you’re getting for your premium. There are lots of elements of cover you may assume to be a standard inclusion in your policy, but in realty may actually only be offered as policy add-ons.

Most pet insurance providers in Australia categorise the policy in the following three ways, which can difficult to understand and decipher:

  • Guaranteed Life Time Cover (guarantees to cover the pet only in old age, but not actually for their entire life period or in the event of chronic illness)
  • Maximum Benefit Cover (covers claims to a set amount per Condition, after that amount, the condition is excluded)
  • 12 Months Cover (conditions are covered for 12 months only, then cover for the condition is excluded)

With such vague policy labels, without reading the fine print it’s easy to be misled and assume you’re purchasing a policy that offers a lot more than you’re paying for.

Get a Clear Pet Insurance Comparison

At Petplan, we’re upfront about all the benefits you will avail of from our policies. Whether you have a dog, cat or horse, we want to make sure that you select the right policy that meets your specific pet insurance needs and so we keep things simple in how we structure our plans. No vague descriptions, no confusion. With Petplan, we ensure it’s it’s completely clear what your cover entails, so you can make an easy pet insurance plans comparison.

With us, you can choose from two simple plan options:

Covered For Life®”

With Petplan, our “Covered For Life” plan delivers exactly that. Provided that you continue to renew the policy year after year, without any gaps, we provide complete insurance cover for your pet for any chronic, re-occurring or lifelong conditions and illnesses for the duration of their life. That cover includes third-party liability, prescription foods and even the cost of nutraceuticals if prescribed by a vet.

12 Month Essential Cover

If you don’t want lifelong cover and cover for third party liability or prescription foods and nutraceuticals, you can simply choose our “12 Month Essential Cover” plan, where you can simply choose to take out insurance cover for a specific condition for 12 months. After the 12 months, the condition is excluded.

When you compare pet insurance in Australia, Petplan comes out the best

We’ve created our pet insurance policies to exceed the needs of pet owners. We have used our own experience and knowledge through working in the industry to provide a genuine Covered For Life policy, being there for you in the unexpected. We have the shortest waiting periods, low out of pocket expenses and on-going cover for chronic conditions. *#

We have designed the best pet insurance in Australia and our plans will stand up to any pet insurance comparison.

Why compare pet insurance at all?

It is important to find the right policy to suit you and your needs. Comparing helps understand the ins and outs of a policy, and more importantly what happens when you need to claim. Other policies on the market may be cheaper but they are riddled with sub limits and conditions that leave you even more out of pocket. Petplan is the only insurer with genuine Covered For Life pet insurance.

When you compare pet insurance plans from Petplan with the policies offered by other insurance companies, look out for their sub limits, how they exclude conditions, and if they cover medication, diagnostics and ruptured cruciate ligaments

You will find that Petplan offers a much more comprehensive pet insurance policy. *

When performing a pet insurance comparison, look at more than just cost

Think above the cost – think about value for money. Which policy will give you lifetime cover, which policy does not place specific exclusions or sub limits on certain accidents and illnesses. Petplan provides the best value pet insurance policies on the market.

Do other insurers cap consultation fees? Some procedures require multiple visits to the vet, and we don’t enforce a sub limit on veterinary fees. We wouldn’t want you to hesitate or avoid visiting the vet because you couldn’t claim on it.

We don’t limit or cap the treatments and accidents that you are likely to be claiming for. We want to see each pet have access to the best available care and for each pet owner able to afford it with Petplan pet insurance. *#

Every pet deserves Petplan pet insurance

Our pets are mischief makers and can find themselves into all sorts of trouble. While mostly innocent, when it is serious it can result in unexpected veterinary bills, where having pet insurance is a necessity.

We make everything straightforward and easy to understand, so that you can relax knowing that you are covered.

To find out more, just give us a call on 1300 738 225. We’ll be happy to answer all your questions about pet insurance.

*This information does not take into account your objectives, financial situation or needs. Please consider the PDS before making a decision to purchase the product.

#Subject to meeting terms and conditions. Each claim is individually assessed against the terms and conditions of the policy to determine claim outcome.

Choose The Right Policy For You

Before you select a policy, consider exactly what conditions you require and ensure that your quote includes cover for these additions. That bottom dollar quote might seem attractive but it may not adequately meet your needs.

Enjoy complete peace of mind with transparent pet insurance plans from Petplan. If in doubt about any aspect of the cover included in our plans, feel free to get in touch. We would be happy to help you to adequately compare pet insurance plans and provide you with all the detail you need to know to get the right policy for your requirements.

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Policy Type Petplan Covered for Life 
Chronic, reoccurring and ongoing
illnesses are covered for life,
providing there are no gaps in cover
Maximum Benefits
Cover is provided for a single Condition,
a Recurring Condition or a Chronic Condition
suffered by Your Pet up to a the maximum amount
that was current in the policy at the time the
condition first occurred
Third Party Liability Cover Yes No
Prescription food & Nutraceuticals cover Yes.
Diet food for dissolving crystals/stones. Nutraceuticals covered if vet prescribed as part of the Alternative/Complementary Treatment.
No cover for regular, prescription or dietary pet food, vitamins, mineral supplements, whether recommended by your Vet or not

Don’t worry, we've written ours in plain English so you'll find Petplan’s Policies straight forward and easy to read.Please also take the time to read the full Terms and Conditions of any Pet Insurance Companies policies that you are considering, so that you fully understand all of the benefits and limitations.

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