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Pet Insurance with Illness Cover in Australia

Taking the time to think about pet insurance with illness cover, how it could be beneficial, and why it’s necessary for your pets, is very important. As much as we try to bury these thoughts, our pets are just like us – from time to time they suffer from health issues and need medical attention.

At Petplan, we meet a lot of pet owners who all agree with us in saying that pet insurance for illness is a necessity. Our vast number of insurance policies mean that we’re able to find the perfect plan for every pet without breaking the bank. 

What Does Petplan’s Pet Insurance for Illness Cover?

Our pet insurance plans vary from pet to pet. We understand that every pet is different in one way or another and as such, we make a point of adapting our plans to work around the pet (rather than the other way around).
For this reason, pinpointing what your exact coverage would be prior to a consultation is difficult. We have to take into account:
  • The type of pet you have (e.g. cat, dog, horse, etc.)
  • Existing health conditions
  • Your pet’s age
You can see a more detailed breakdown of our plans on our policies page, but remember that the final quote will vary.

Why Choose Petplan for Your Pet Insurance

Naturally, you might be wondering what makes Petplan different. Here’s what you need to know:
  • Should any health issues arise, we will quickly get to work to ensure that the vet bills are paid, and your pet receives the best care
  • We only offer pet insurance policies, no other insurances such as car, home, health or life insurances
  • Unexpected vet bills won’t put you in a financial black hole. Our affordable pet insurance means that your pet gets the treatment they need, and you can pay your coverage at a reasonable rate
  • Unlike other pet insurance companies in Australia, Petplan offers a specialised set of policies for horse pet insurance
If that’s not enough, we’ve also been received awards on several occasions. Our most recent award is the “Outstanding Value (5 Stars) for Accident & Illness Pet Insurance” award that was awarded to us by Canstar in 2015.

Petplan Customer Benefits

Still not convinced? Your pet’s health and wellbeing is our main priority, but we also provide some benefits for you, the pet’s owner.
  • All of our customers have the opportunity to enter regularly run competitions and win prizes
  • If your pet requires medical attention, urgent or not, we pay the vet as soon as the claim is received
  • You’ll have the chance to sign up for our regular newsletter, Petplan Together, which contains useful information for all pet owners
  • And let’s not forget that from time to time you’ll receive special rewards and discounts on pet products

Have a Question for Us? Get in Touch!

Do you want to find out more about our pet insurance with illness cover policies? We’d love to hear from you:
  • Send us an email at info@petplan.com.au or alternatively, fill out our contact form.
  • Call the Petplan team on 1300 738 225.
  • Or if you really want, you can write to us at Petplan Claims Department, 1-3 Smolic Court, Tullamarine, Victoria, Australia 3043.
We’ll do everything that we can to find an insurance policy that is suitable for your pet and, most importantly, keep them healthy.
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Call Petplan for pet insurance illness cover you can rely on

We are Australia's best value provider of pet insurance products, we’ve designed our products to be the most comprehensive policies on the market. Our unrivalled ability to cover chronic on-going conditions with no sub limits on certain injuries and illnesses makes us a standout. *#

We specialise in pet cover for illness, if your pet sustains an on-going condition such as diabetes or arthritis, we will be able to provide assistance for the lifetime of the pet, provided you are on our Covered For Life plans, with no break in cover. *#

As experts in pet insurance we know what your pet is susceptible to and how debilitating on going issues can be, which is why we have created these policies to ensure that your pet has access the best care available.

We pay thousands of claims for ongoing medication proving how important it is to be Covered For Life, our customers rely on us to help them, they trust us to be there for them.

Why you need pet insurance for illness

You need a comprehensive insurance policy to be covered for a wide range of injuries and illnesses that may occur. Petplan has the most comprehensive pet insurance policies on the market, and our ability to cover chronic lifetime conditions is unrivalled.

Illness can strike at any time and in many cases out of your control, such as allergies, dermatitis and diabetes. That is why we have designed our policies to cover you for such a wide range of possibilities that could happen.#

On-going medication and treatment is where Petplan excels, your pets illness will require multiple vet visits and prescriptions. We can help with the cost of the ongoing cost of these procedures with our Covered For Life plan.#

We see a great number of claims for illness and we are proud to support these pet owners with the on-going care and attention their pet needs

Among the most generous provisions in the industry

You'd be hard-pressed finding anyone willing to give you a more comprehensive pet insurance policy. With Petplan you can claim for: *#

  • Veterinary fees for illness, accident or injury ($7,000 to $20,000)
  • Third party liability insurance for damages caused by dogs ($1m to $5m)
  • Complementary treatment and alternative therapy ($1000 to $4000)
  • Death resulting from injury or illness ($1000 to $2000)
  • Medical boarding fees ($1000 to $2000)
  • Advertising and Reward for a lost pet ($1000 to $2000)
  • The loss of pet due to theft or straying ($1000 to $2000)
  • Holiday cancellation due to injury or illness of your pet ($1000 to $2000)
  • Quarantine expenses and of lost documents ($1000)
  • Emergency repatriation for your pet ($500 to $1000)

All this with a low excess and a quick processing of claims.

If you want to have the best illness pet insurance in Australia, call Petplan now on 1300 738 225.

*This information does not take into account your objectives, financial situation or needs. Please consider the PDS before making a decision to purchase the product.

#Subject to meeting terms and conditions. Each claim is individually assessed against the terms and conditions of the policy to determine claim outcome.
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