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Yes, we can pay the vet directly as long as the treating veterinarian is happy to accept payment in this way. We are unable to direct any veterinarian to accept direct payment on your behalf. Your vet must complete and sign the Direct Payment Section on the claim form for this to happen.

Your first payment will be taken immediately after policy and payment details are confirmed to us, as all Petplan policies are not valid until payment is received. If you choose to pay for your policy in monthly instalments, we require the first initial instalment to validate the policy, which is taken immediately on policy and payment detail confirmation.

If you have any questions regarding your payment details or you wish to change the date your payments are made on each month, please contact our Customer Service team on 1300 131 636.

No, Petplan does not apply any breed specific illness exclusions. All of our exclusions are solely based on the health history of your pet prior to the date that your application is accepted (there is a 21 day waiting period on illnesses).

Yes, we can arrange a seamless transfer from Petplan Australia to Petplan New Zealand or vice versa, just talk to our Customer Service people to arrange.

Does Petplan have international partners?

Yes we have a number of international partners whose details are shown below.

Country Dialling locally International dial number Website

New Zealand

0800 255 426

+64 09 3542 987


1850 48 4848

+353 1 613 3845


0900 7 38 75 26

+31 299 451 011


0120 324 384

+81 3 5442 6500


1 866 467 3875

+1 866 467 3875


0845 071 8000

+44 845 071 8000



+43 059 009 580

+64 09 3542 987



1300 728 225

+6 1 3 933 93378

To protect all parties concerned, we must have all cancellation requests in writing. This can be done by email or fax.

You are able to cancel your policy at any time. Any policy that is cancelled during the 21 day cooling-off period will be refunded any premiums paid since the commencement of the cover.

Yes! You are able to take your pet(s) to any registered Veterinarian Australia wide. Petplan can also provide a list of our IVC listed Veterinary Clinics - Petplan Business Finder

Premiums are calculated based on a number of different factors which can include the breed, age, location, and individual claims history. Petplan reviews its claims data to determine the severity, frequency and costs of claims affecting individual breeds which allows us to determine the relevant risk profile of each breed to ensure that those owners of low risk pets are not financially bearing the costs of those high risk breeds.
It is possible to switch to Peptlan from another provider as long as you meet the acceptance criteria, however any pre-existing conditions will be excluded in your new policy. This means if you switch from another provider, anything you claimed for with them will not be covered by Petplan. There is also a 21 day waiting period for illnesses from the day your new policy is activated. 

Petplan does not apply sub-limits for veterinary treatment of any illness or injury on any of our policies. However amounts paid under Death, or Alternative and Complementary Treatment benefits like Acupuncture, Homeopathy, Chiropractic Manipulation, Physiotherapy and Hydrotherapy, are subject to the maximum benefit of your selected plan.

Your details will be stored on our computer system to administer your policy.  All data is handled in accordance with the Privacy Act.  Due to the Privacy Act we can only discuss your policy details with you or person named on your policy, or person specified by you. We may share your details with other insurance companies, directly or through a number of databases. This allows us to check information you give us and also helps us prevent fraud.

Just as some dogs cost more to feed, some also cost more in veterinary care. We call these 'Select Breeds’.

The following dogs are considered 'Select Breeds': Bandog, Bavarian Mountain Hound, Bergamasco Shepherd Dog, Briard, Blood Hound, Boerboel, Beauceron, Bernese Mountain Dog, Boston Terrier, Bracco, All Bulldogs (i.e. English, American, Australian, Miniature, etc.), Bull Arab, Deerhound, Dogue de Bordeaux, Entlebucher Mountain Dog, Estrela Mountain Dog, Grand Blue De Gascoigne, Great Dane, Greater Swiss Mountain Dog, Hamiltonstovare, Hungarian Kuvasz, Irish Wolfhound, Komondor, Maremma Sheepdog, Leonberger, All Mastiff Breeds, Newfoundland, Old English Sheepdog, Polish Lowland Sheepdog, Pyrenean Mountain Dog, Rottweiler, Russian Black Terrier, Shar Pei, St Bernard or any crosses of these breeds.

*Please note, customers with various breeds need to provide the full vet history from the vet before we are able to insure them.

For any enquiries, please call our Customer Service team on 1300 738 225. For our customer service hours, please click here for more information.

If you have three or more pets (Dog or Cat) you may qualify for our Multi-Pet Discount of 10% off the cost of your insurance policies. Please contact us if you would like more information about the offer.

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