Date: 05/04/18

Anzac's Story


Anzac's Story

My husband brought Anzac into the family for me as a companion and protection dog, as he had terminal cancer and was worried about how I would cope after he died.

When on holidays, Anzac ingested something unknown, I suspect it may have been sewerage on the property we were staying at. I decided not to wait to see my local vet, and luckily, I had researched vets in the area before the holiday. 

We saw the vet on the day before we were due to leave. It was extremely good judgement to see the vet whilst on holidays, Anzac wouldn't have survived otherwise.

He was critically ill and required a blood transfusion. It took 6 long weeks for him to get back to his normal self. I now keep him on a special sensitivity vet diet to help his digestive system, which was severely compromised. 

If I didn't have Petplan, I would have been severely out of pocket. 

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