Date: 14/12/16

AVA Pets and People Education Program

Petplan are happy to announce that we are on-board as the major sponsor for the QLD PetPEP Junior Activity Booklet for 2017. This program helps Australia students understand the important responsibility of looking after pets and how to be safe around animals.

The Program was first launched in Western Australia in 1990 and has been a successful operation in Queensland for over 15 years. AVA PetPEP was developed by teachers and veterinarians due to:
·         An increased number of dog attacks
·         More reports of neglected and abandoned pets
·         An increase in urban housing developments and a corresponding rise in the number of animal related complaints

The Pets and People Education Program visits schools throughout the year for free educational learning about pets and the responsibility that comes along with them. The visit will benefit the schools with a hands-on, interactive and visual learning experience with a ‘real life’ vet and other animal care professionals.

The school visits can involve up to four presenters with each presentation lasting 20 minutes. These presenters can involve vets, vet nurses, local law officers from local councils, RSPCA, Biosecurity QLD, wildlife carers, dog obedience clubs and representatives from Guide and Assistance Dog organisations. The combined efforts of these organisations has the powerful potential to improve children’s understanding and appreciation of animals, their needs, and how to be safe around animals.

The AVA PetPEP school visits are FREE, fully coordinated and resourced by the AVA PetPEP team and is aligned with the Australian Curriculum. It is a great way to teach the kids about pets as well as involving local community professionals in the school.

For more information on the school programs or the 2017 activity booklet, visit

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