Date: 28/03/19

Bella's Story


Bella's Story

Bella had only been at home for two weeks before making an unsteady leap off the couch, resulting in a broken leg. Straight through the Radius and Ulna. Bella's Mum had just started a new job after three years in University, leaving her with lots of debt. Meaning without Petplan, she would have had to take another loan out to give Bella the care she needed. Luckily, Bella had Petplan cover so she was able to get treatment and her mum found claiming back trouble-free. 

Bella is so tiny, the vet said that her bones are only about 4mm in diameter, so the risk was always high. She had a cast on for three weeks, which came off early because she was getting pressure sores and her bones were losing bone density. We are all wishing Bella a speedy recovery!

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