Date: 12/11/15

Bosco's Story


Bosco's Story

My little champ Bosco! As soon as I saw his sweet little face on my local vets Facebook page for sale, I knew I had to have him! He was so tiny, 'runt' of his litter, and just so happened to be the practice favourite! He was about 5 months old when he decided to be a big boy and climb up my fly screen and fell. The second he hit the ground I heard the break, though he was so brave.

Luckily my vet has an emergency phone number so within 10 mins he was at the vet and given some pain killers. He had an x-ray the next day and it was confirmed that he had broken his tibia. I needed a specialist to do the Orthopedic surgery, and was given an estimate of over $3000, not including medication or after care, my heart sank. I loved this kitten so much but $3000 plus? Then I remembered 'IM INSURED'!!! Bosco had his surgery, with weeks and weeks of medication and weekly check-ups. During this stressful time Petplan were amazing, they took care of everything with zero complications and paid out over $3,000*.

It was such a relief that my boy had the best surgeon to do his surgery without complication and without me having to worry about an excessive vet bill. I cannot thank Petplan enough for what they did for my man Bosco.

*Less any applicable excess and non-claimable items

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