Date: 19/06/14

Surprise Surgery Sets Pet Owner Back $6500


Surprise Surgery Sets Pet Owner Back $6500

Unfortunately some people learn the hard way how expensive veterinary bills can be. Damien Mayhew recently paid over $6,500 to have his beloved dog, Jerry, treated for a ruptured cruciate ligament. It was fortunate that Damien was in a financial position that allowed him to cover the cost of Jerry's veterinary treatments; however, he now realises the true value of pet insurance. Damien is now singing praises for pet insurance, encouraging pet owners to "Do yourselves a favour, if you have pets, get them insured" in his interview with The Daily Telegraph. Dr. Dave Nichols, Petplan IVC Partner and managing director of Dr. Dave's Vets and Pets, also weighed in reminding people that insuring their pet allows them to avoid having to make the shattering decision to put their animal down if they could not afford to pay for treatment. 

Source: The Daily Telegraph

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