Date: 04/11/15

Dallas' Story


Dallas' Story

This is 3 and half year old Dallas Dachshund. She’s a very energetic sausage dog who loves to chase balls anywhere and everywhere. Unfortunately in October 2015 she got a little carried away and chased her favourite ball into some high grass near her Canberra home. Lurking in the grass was a snake and before Dallas knew what hit her, the sneaky snake took a strike at her leg.

When Dallas got home she started to feel very ill – vomiting – drooling – frothing. Luckily she was whisked off to the vet immediately and after being given some anti-venom, other drugs and lots of cuddles and attention from her vet and vet nurses, she’s good as new and back to her cheeky self.

After over $1,200* in vet bills to get Dallas back to health, Petplan approved her claim quickly and with no fuss.

*Less any applicable excess and non-claimable items

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