Date: 04/03/16

Dodge's Story


Dodge's Story

I want to say a big THANK YOU to all of the staff at Petplan. My 8 month old Husky x Mastiff “Dodge” was run over and when my son got out of his car to check on Dodge, he bit my son on the hand and took the tip off one of my son's fingers. After receiving the call from my son, I rang my husband and we both drove home in a panic.

The 10 minute drive home felt like hours. I took my son to the hospital and my husband took Dodge to the vet. While we were at the hospital waiting on x-rays and my son having antibiotic injections and painkillers, the vet was ringing us to keep us updated both on Dodge's condition and the rising costs. It was a bad break and the vets were thinking about amputating – both the tibia and fibula in his back left leg were broken. My son and Dodge underwent emergency surgery at the same time. My son to clean out and tidy up the tip of his finger and Dodge had wire wrapped around the bones and a pin inserted.

After 8 gruelling weeks of trying to keep a puppy confined and quiet and my sons ongoing doctors’ appointments and painful dressing changes, the pin came out and then another 2 weeks later the sutures. When we were at the hospital receiving updates from the vet, the reassurance of having pet insurance for Dodge made a difficult situation a lot easier to deal with. Sure, if we didn’t have the insurance we would have found the money somewhere and somehow, but just not having to worry about that side of things was a relief. The entire claim process was very easy and all of the staff that I dealt with at Petplan were fantastic and extremely helpful.

Petplan paid out over $3,500*.

I cannot recommend them highly enough. Both my son and Dodge have made a full recovery and are the best of friends and we are all having fun together at the beach again.

Terri Brown

*Less any applicable excess and non-claimable items.

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