Date: 05/04/18

Dougal's Story


Dougal's Story

Our 10 week old Westie puppy Dougal started throwing up several times and we thought it may be gastro as our older Westie had it a fortnight earlier. So we headed straight to the Murdoch Vet Hospital at 6am, we did not want to take any risks.

The vet suspected gastro, did an ultrasound, gave Dougal an anti-nausea wafer and sent us home as Dougal wasn't fully vaccinated. They didn't want him to be in any more danger. 

We were told to only feed him chicken and rice, and to get him to drink water, even if we had to use a syringe! We were on high alert to watch him carefully and bring him back if he deteriorated.

Upon arriving home a few hours later, I had given him some food off he went out to the toilet. Turns out he pooped out a $2 coin! We have no idea where he got it from. 

We have Petplan policies for both of our Westies. Petplan has always been easy to deal with, giving us peace of mind and taking the financial strain off us.

Dougal is now back to the happy 11 week old puppy he is. 

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