Date: 10/03/16

Frodo's Story


Frodo's Story

This is Frodo, one of my four Oriental cats that I have insured with you. Gizmo (Asthmatic & Pollen Allergies), Itchy (Abscess and Arthritis) and Scratchy are my other 3. Not only does Frodo have Pyrexia but one day he was hit by a car and had very serious injuries. We found him on the road at night and took him straight into the vets. They weren't too sure he was going to live as his injuries were very bad. His diaphragm was completely torn away on both sides, all of his intestines etc had been shoved into his chest and were squashing his heart and lungs. His leg was dislocated at the hock and all the ligaments and tendons were torn away.

It was a HUGE relief to know that he is insured with Petplan! The people I have dealt with on the phone at Petplan have been fantastic and always helpful. The cover is great. I wouldn't be without it. I was able to get his surgery done without worrying thanks to Petplan, you guys are awesome.

Gizmo was very happy when his best friend came home!

Petplan has paid out over $3,000* for Frodo’s car accident alone, contributing to a grand total of over $6,300* for all conditions that these four oriental cats have unfortunately encountered in their lives.

*Less any applicable excess and non-claimable items.

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