Date: 29/04/14

Deadly Heartworm Risk


Deadly Heartworm Risk

In Australia, canine health experts have joined forces to ensure that the millions of unprotected dogs are not left unprotected from the potentially deadly heartworm disease. Following concerns that some vets and dog owners are not discussing preventative care options, an expert panel has developed Australia's first heartworm prevention guidelines to remind people of the real risk of the disease. Heartworm is a serious and potentially deadly disease caused by parasites that are found in the arteries of the heart (or sometimes the lungs) of cats and dogs. Heartworm is spread by mosquitos. A mosquito bites an infected animal and then when that mosquito bites a second animal, the tiny heartworm larvae are injected into the animals skin and the larvae develop in the tissues. Fore more information visit the Petplan Blog on Heartworm Disease.

Image: Briar Gate Blvd Animal Hospital

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