Date: 26/07/11

Petplan provides assurance that Horses, Dogs & Cats Insured by Petplan are covered in the face of growing Hendra Virus concerns.


The First known Australian case of Hendra virus affecting a dog has now been reported, this case was confirmed on the 26 Jul 2011.

Hendra virus is commonly known to affect horses and humans, this year currently there have been ten cases reported in Queensland and four in NSW. With this the first reported case of the virus being transmitted to a dog the concerns are is the virus now taking a new direction?

Health authorities are reportedly remaining positive that the virus is not out of control but concern within the community is growing. It is not commonly known that the virus can be transmitted to dogs, cats, guinea pigs, pigs and bats. Hendra virus is transmitted from fruit bats, most commonly from horses eating faeces of the affected bats. The virus is believed to have been transmitted to the dog from an affected horse on the property.

Petplan Pet Insurance as part of the Allianz Insurance Group covers any costs related to the diagnosis and treatment of any affected horse, dog or cat insured on one of their insurance policies. Once again, proving why Petplan is market leader in pet insurance providing peace of mind even in the face of something as horrific and potentially deadly as the Hendra virus.

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