Date: 04/04/14

April is Horse Vaccination Month


April is Horse Vaccination Month

During the month of April leading vets and some famous names in equestrian are pushing to raise awareness of the importance of horse vaccinations. Olympic equestrian silver medalist Megan Jones, who is helping to promote Vaccination Month, says "vaccination is vital" according to News Mail, and the vets agree!

The Vaccination Month Campaign aims to boost the number of horses being vaccinated against dangerous, infectious diseases. Tetnus, stangles and herpes vaccines play an important role in preventative horse health. It doesn't take long to have your horse vaccinated and much more affordable than treating your horse if it does contract an illness. Horse owners are also being reminded that the time of when the majority of Hendra outbreaks occur is right around the corner. Contact your local veterinarian for more information about vaccinations and your horse.

Full story credit: News Mail

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