Date: 19/01/17

Vet, Breeder, Charity and Pet shop programs

Petplan has been working with veterinary practices, breeders, charities and pet shops for many years now, helping to strengthen the bond between the business and customers.

Petplan helps build a financial bridge between a vet practice and their clients. The care that veterinarians and their practice professionals can offer uninsured clients is often limited by what the client can afford. However when dealing with an insured client, the options increase.
Having clients insured with Petplan provides vet practices with the ability to offer their clients the best products and care available. Petplan can also help the practice in a number of other ways, by offering:
·         4 weeks free insurance to the clients through our Immediate Veterinary Cover (IVC) program
·         Better patient care and care options
·         Job satisfaction for veterinary professionals, who want to offer the latest and best in care
·         Increased practice turnover, and fewer bad debt cases
·         Clients who can focus on their pet’s wellbeing rather than the cost of treatment
·         Continued advances in veterinary care, as care options increase
Being with Petplan also means vet practice staff can also receive up to 20% discount on eligible pets insured as a group, or 10% discount on individual policies.

Petplan currently has a cat and dog breeder network of over 1,000 strong, with it continuously growing every day. We believe that the welfare of the animal should be at the heart of what we do, and sending puppies and kitten’s home with a policy insures that they are covered if the unexpected occurs.
Petplan Preferred Breeders recommend Petplan’s ‘Covered for Life’ kittens and puppies, because if continued, it provides the ultimate in lifetime peace of mind. Petplan preferred breeders can also benefit from:
·         Peace of mind that their line is venturing off into the world covered for the unexpected
·         A value add and peace of mind bonus to offer their clients
·         Partake in Breeder Bonus Points program, for policies activated and those continued. Points can be redeemed for Coles/Myer vouchers.

At Petplan we like to reward charities for all the hard work they do for those in need, particularly when they help animals big and small. If you are a charity that cares about the long term health and wellbeing of animals then Petplan is interested in working with you.
When you are a Petplan exclusive partner Charity, you can benefit from being able to offer 4 weeks free charity cover policy to any person adopting a dog or cat from eight weeks of age. Unlike our other partner programs, Petplan charities can set up free policies for pets up to their 8th birthday (5th birthday for some select breeds).
This 4 week free policy ensures the adopted pet is covered should any unexpected illness or accident occur.
·         Immediate cover for accident/injury and a 14 day waiting period for illness
·         Free for you to issue and costs the new owner nothing
·         Easy online activation on behalf of the new owner

Pet Shops
When you are a Petplan exclusive partner pet store you can benefit from being able to offer 4 weeks free insurance policy for any person taking home a dog or cat over eight weeks of age. We believ that the welfare of the animal should be at the heart of what we do, and sending dogs and cats home with a policy ensures that pet shop pets are covered should any unexpected illness or accident occur.

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