Date: 31/05/16

Kitty's Story


Kitty's Story

I am writing this to show you all my appreciation of your work, your support and what a bloody great service this is.

Here is my special man’s story:

I rescued "Kitty" (male Pomeranian) 14 1/2 years ago ... But covered him with Petplan when he was 6 years old ... My vet suggested it.  And why wouldn't I insure him when he was the MOST important everything in my life ... Just made sense. 

For years and years and years, I paid and paid and paid.  Friends and family thought this was just a waste.... Man I should have appreciated what a waste of money those years were.

At the age of 10 he was diagnosed with heart failure by his vocal vet.  I was devastated.  So I searched and searched for the best vet money could buy and found Dr Steve Holloway from Advance Vet Care in Kensington, for a second opinion.   And that made the world of difference to my best friend.  

He did have to visit the surgery in emergency situations quite a few times and he had to endure tests which I am sure my little buddy didn't really like ... But I knew I never had to worry about the cost ... Didn't even flicker in my mind.  I was able to say to Steve "Whatever it takes to keep my little boy happy and healthy ... Just do ... I have pet insurance with Petplan". And the difference it made was an extra 4 happy years.  

Petplan paid out over $6,800* for Mitral Valve Disease.

But his end did come towards the end of May this year and even though my heart is so broken and I miss him more than I could ever explain, I am also so grateful to Petplan, because I was able to give him the best care, the best life, the best treatment..... Thank you! 

I will rescue another dog ...soon .... And I will insure him or her with Petplan.  I also really hope I can fall in love again  ... But I hope this time I don't need to use the insurance!!!

*Less any applicable excess and non-claimable items.

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