Date: 04/01/18

Kora's Story


Kora's Story

We picked up Kora as a 9-week old puppy, happy and healthy, in Feb 2017.

At 13 weeks old we noticed a growth/protrusion from Kora's Vagina (she had been to our local vet less than a week earlier for her 12-week needles and everything was fine). We noticed the growth on a Sunday, so Monday we were straight back to our local vet. We found out our little girl had grown a penis which protruded out of her vagina.

Off to a specialist we went, who confirmed that she had both female and male genitalia. Due to her age, we were sent home until she was six months old. During this time we managed bladder infections caused by her condition. June 2017, Kora went in to have her penis removed and to be de-sexed. Because of her case, the surgeon sent Kora's gonads off for testing. All gonads were reported as male which meant our little girl (which is now very much a girl), was technically a boy - the rarest form of genetic mix-up.

She remained her happy, cheeky self throughout the entire ordeal and has now completely healed up. Kora celebrated her first birthday in December! Without pet insurance, there is no way we could have afforded Kora's surgery. Petplan saved our little girl and our bank account!

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