Date: 04/07/17

Lola and Dash's Story


Lola and Dash's Story

We have had our two dogs Lola and Dash for 9 and 7 years respectively. Both have had and used their Petplan insurance policies for serious illnesses.

Lola was born with a major blood vessel bypassing her liver, she is very small and required specialist small animal liver shunt surgery. A year later she had a mast cell tumour identified and removed. Dash had a rare malignant parathyroid cancer, this took months to track down with specialist vets. Eventually the cancer was found and removed.

If we didn't have Petplan, we would have had to struggle through and pay for what we could. Lola would have passed away without her liver shunt surgery and Dash would have irreparable kidney damage and a shortened life. Dash still has some IVDD problems which are potentially on going.

Both dogs are absolutely fine now and loving life thanks to Petplan!

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