Date: 07/10/15

Montgomery's Story


Montgomery's Story

Hello! I just thought I would send through a message to express my gratitude! My little man, Montgomery, is insured through you, and in the last 3-4 months his medical expenses have been excessive. 

Without the help from you, I am not sure where we would be. After countless food trials, exploratory surgery, biopsies and weeks spent in ICU on fluid therapy and different drug therapies, we still don't have an answer to his constant inappetence, vomiting, tremoring and difficulty toileting (either too hard or too easy). 

We are still working towards helping our little man overcome these issues, and it is immensely stressful for his poor mum and dad. But Petplan has definitely assisted with alleviating some of the financial stresses as Petplan has paid out more than $10,000!* 

Thank you x a million! 

*Less any applicable excess and non-claimable items

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