Date: 19/05/17

Moses' Story


Moses' Story

We have had Moses since he was 8 weeks old and he is now almost 2. He came from a litter of 16!

Moses was diagnosed with Mega Esophagus at about 8 months old and it is likely that he was born with it.

We simply could not have afforded all of Moses' extensive and ongoing treatments if we did not have pet insurance. At the same time that Moses was diagnosed with Mega Esophagus, we found out that I was pregnant with our first baby.

Moses is the happiest dog. He goes to the park every day and runs around with lots of other dogs and he goes everywhere with his mum, dad and baby sister.

Moses' case of Mega Esophagus is severe and he is now fed through a feeding tube. He has been amazingly resilient and taken all of his treatment in his stride. He is like any normal 2 year old German Shepherd, but just can't eat or drink like a normal dog. His lifespan is unknown and we have almost lost him to pneumonia a few times but he has the strongest will to survive and we will continue to help him fight this horrible disease.

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