Date: 28/08/17

Oscar's Story


Oscar's Story

We have owned Oscar, our precious Shih Tzu, for two and a half years. We purchased him from a breeder as a one year old.

In March, Oscar became lethargic and we rushed him to Animal Eye care as his eyes were hemorrhaging. Fortunately Dr Robin immediately realised he was very ill and sent us to Animal Emergency Hospital where Oscar was diagnosed with Immune Mediated thrombocytopaenia. We will be forever grateful to Dr Robin, the staff at the Emergency Hospital and to Dr Linda and Dr Ann Claire at South Paws Specialty Surgery for saving Oscars life and for their ongoing care. The blood transfusion given by a rescue greyhound provided the life saving platelets in her blood. 

Petplan has supported us throughout our ordeal and enabled us to provide Oscar with his continuing care and medications. Without Petplan, we would have had an enormous veterinary bill!

This was totally out of the blue as he had always been a normal, healthy little dog. Oscar is almost back to his happy self but we know now that this problem could re occur - although we hope not as he was such a very ill little boy.

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