Date: 06/10/13

Petplan Pet Insurance wins


Petplan the Pet Insurance People, were awarded the "Best Pet Insurance Company 2012", at the Master Dog Breeders Association Awards night held in Sydney recently. Petplan are proud to have achieved a 'hat trick' between 2008-2010 and now to be recognised again in 2012. 

"Just to be nominated is a great achievement', Petplan Director, Doug Ford said today, "but to have the honour of actually winning the Award three years in a row, is an accomplishment that has only been made possible because every member of Petplan's staff are dedicated pet owners and really care about our clients pets". "We are very proud of this achievement, and thank every one at Master Dog Breeders Association and most of all, our clients for the nomination'.

The Master Dog Breeders Association is an organisation that was set up to raise the bar of excellence in the breeding and raring of domestic pets, so to buy a new puppy from a member of the Master Dog Breeders Association, you have the assurance of the highest possible standards of ethics and after sales service available.

Pet Insurance in Australia has, over the last five years become a 'must have insurance' and is as important today to consumers, as having home and motor insurance, largely due to the advancements in veterinary medicine and treatments that are now available for pets that were unheard of just a few years ago, like chemotherapy and MRI's, but unfortunately these treatments comes at a cost.

Petplan have seen in the last 12 months, for example, claims costs increase by 16.7%, and when you compare that to the national average of 3.2% inflation, having Pet Insurance makes a lot of sense. It means being able to provide the best possible veterinary care for the family pet, rather than having to base treatment around what the pet owner can afford, and in some cases, having to make the terrible decision to euthanase the pet because of financial reasons.

Petplan Pet Insurance is the world's largest pet insurer and is the product leader in Australasia. Having won this Award does not mean that we will rest on our laurels; we will strive to continue to improve our service to the pet owning public.

Since the arrival of Petplan in Australia, the level of pet insurance has improved dramatically, but Petplan Products stand head and shoulders above the competition, due to being the only Pet Insurer that has a true "Covered for Life'' policy. This means that for any ongoing, chronic or re-occurring conditions, Petplan will continue to pay claims on that condition for the rest of the animals life, rather than just until the maximum benefit has been paid, as do all other pet insurers in Australia.

Another area where Petplan are market leaders in Australia is being the only pet insurer that has cover extending to cover Legal Liability. Compulsory Public Liability cover is being considered in the UK by Legislators at the moment, as part of possible changes to the Dangerous Dogs Act, UK Government ministers are proposing that dog owners have to take out insurance to cover damage or injuries their pet causes. These measures are aimed at tackling the growing problem of dog related incidents and in the interest of public safety.

Gwen Ford
Petplan Marketing

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