Date: 13/05/19

Rabies death in Norway


A young 24-year-old Norwegian woman has died last week due to rabies. She was bitten by a puppy that she attempted to rescue while on holiday in the Philippines.


It is understood that the puppy nipped her while playing, which can be considered normal behaviour. Despite her sterilising and washing the wound she began to fall ill a few weeks after her return to Norway. She spent days in and out of the hospital. When she was finally diagnosed with rabies, she unfortunately passed away three days later.


The World Health Organisations (WHO) states that 99 per cent of victims of rabies are concentrated in Asia, Africa and South America and over 55,000 people die each year from rabies.


Rabies is preventable with prompt medical care.


This is a reminder to all to our holidaying Petplan policyholders to be cautious around stray and street dogs in foreign countries.


Sources: SBSEuronews.

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