Date: 05/09/17

Remi's Story


Remi's Story

We have had our Remi since she was 8 weeks old and she's now 8 years and 7 months. She has always been a bit of a trouble maker but is really quite timid and shy.

After being constipated for 36 hours we became very concerned at her distress at 11pm on a Sunday night and headed off to Murdoch Vet Emergency Centre, only to find out that a tumour was constricting her lower intestine. Being a Boxer, it was immediately thought likely to be malignant - it was a horrible, horrible situation in the middle of the night having to wait for a surgical consult first thing on Monday morning.

An operation was essential to save her life and it was estimated to be $6-7k. We were able to give the go-ahead straightaway because we knew that Petplan would have our back! When it was diagnosed as the dreaded hemangiosarcoma, she could still have died and only heavy duty chemo would save her life. Again, we could proceed with treatment because of Petplan. And, because of Petplan's great reputation, the oncologist was happy to take payment direct from Petplan.

With Boxers being prone to so many nasties, having the best cover is essential. Many owners opt for policies with cheaper premiums; however, insurance is ALL about the insurer having your back when you really need it. From the 15th of May to today (5th of September), my beloved baby is still with us and faring reasonably well. There is ongoing chemo, which we are now covering ourselves, having had time to save and get ready for the continued costs because Petplan got us over the immediate hump!

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