Date: 11/07/14

How to Save on Pet Expenses


How to Save on Pet Expenses

Whether you are already a pet owner or you are considering bringing a dog or cat into your family you are likely aware that owning a pet can be expensive. The pet industry in Australia is booming with $6 billion dollars spent annually on our furry friends. The basic necessities - food, veterinary care, leash, collar, kennels - can add up quickly. On top of that, pet parents are tempted with new pet toys, pet clothes, and pet accessories that can cost a fortune.  Money saving expert, Jon Lal, has released his top tips for saving money on your pet's expenses and we want to share them with you (plus a few of our own)!

1. Create a pet budget - track your pet expenses over the month then create a resonable budget for your pet.

2. Manage pet food costs - ensure you get your pet the right food as it will make a difference to your pet's health. Ensure you are feeding your pet the correct amount to avoid 'wasting food'.

3. Compare prices - call a multiple pet supply stores or shop online to compare prices. Do the same for services like grooming, or vet care.

4. Shop at sales - in store sales, online sales.

5. Plan for emergencies - pet insurance provides you with peace of mind and allows you to avoid major out of pocket expenses for vet treatment.

6. The best things in your pets life are free - spending time with you, of course!

Source: Yahoo Finance.

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