Date: 28/08/17

Sebastian's Story


Sebastian's Story

I've had Sebastian since the 3rd of March 2017. A month ago Sebastian got kicked by a horse in the eye. Without hesitation he was rushed to the vets where he was put on instant treatment. He was diagnosed as blind in the right eye due to trauma, with instruction to keep an eye on any increase of pain.

Without Petplan I would definitely have taken Sebastian to the vets, but not have been able to afford so many necessary follow up consultations. I was very pleased I have Sebastian insured under Petplan as it means I have no hesitation in taking him straight to the vets when something goes wrong.

This was quite out of character. Whilst Sebastian is super friendly and energetic, he is also smart and stays out of danger. This particular day, however, the adolescent puppy mindset kicked in and he was quite content to not heed my calls away from the horse.

5 days ago I noticed a few changes in his eye, and thinking the worst but wanting the best for him, Sebastian was taken to the vets. Upon consultation it was revealed he had partial sight! A marvel to both the veterinarians and I! He is now on another course of anti-inflammatory drugs in an effort to keep the swelling in his eye down so he can potentially gain more sight.

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