Date: 02/11/16

Lightning Story


Lightning  Story

“It was a really hot day, over 40 degrees, when we noticed Lightning wasn’t eating and his attempt at drinking was more him just resting his mouth in the water trough. The vet came and after some tests, decided he was severely dehydrated and he needed to be admitted to hospital to be put on IV fluids and for further tests to be done. In total, Lightning spent 2 weeks in the vet hospital before he was able to return home.
The final diagnosis, Lightning had contracted an Upper Respiratory Tract Infection, and because he was unwell he didn’t feel like drinking, this lead to him becoming dehydrated and worsened the illness. A month later Lightning is now back to himself, enjoying Pony Club and preparing for upcoming shows with his best friend.
I really must thank the wonderful staff at Petplan, they made the entire claims process really easy. Petplan paid out over $3,200.”

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