Date: 21/03/17

Why is your dog scratching excessively?


Why is your dog scratching excessively?

Dogs will scratch themselves for many reasons and sometimes it’s hard to pinpoint the cause.  Of course, the daily scratch is natural and expected.  But, when your dog starts to scratch one area excessively, there is an issue that needs to be addressed.  But, trying to determine the exact cause of the scratching or itching is sometimes difficult because it can be medical, allergies or just boredom.

Below are some tips to help determine why your dog is scratching and suggestions for relief:

Your dog might have fleas

Fleas are the most common reason why your dog is scratching.   Check your dog’s hair and body for any fleas that you might find.  Your dog can easily pick up a flea from another dog when you are outside and it infests your home.  Give your dog a flea bath immediately and check with your vet for the best recommendation for fleas or flea bites if the initial bath doesn’t stop the itching.

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