Date: 29/01/18

Wilbur's Story


Wilbur's Story

We have had our much loved Bull Terrier Wilbur for 4 years now, and have had him covered with Petplan since his arrival. Wilbur came from a rescue shelter and had a very poor start to his life. That has all changed now as he is spoilt severely! He has such a beautiful nature that makes him the centre of attention where ever he goes. He loves showing off his toys and delights in giving us exercise by getting us to throw his many balls. Wilbur also loves watching the TV to the extent that he tells us when he wants it on.

When Wilbur was only a few months old he fractured his growth plate in his leg attempting to jump onto our bed. Without the coverage offered by Petplan, it would have been very difficult for us as the surgery fees were around $5,000. This would have been a huge financial strain on us and makes us so thankful as some people lose their pets this way by not being able to afford these type of costs.

Since the injury, he seems a little more cautious when jumping, and he is almost fully recovered due to a well-managed rehabilitation program.

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